74-year-old conductor was dismissed from the Met for sexual harassment

4년 전

James Levine, Director of the orchestra at the world's most prestigious Opera house, Metropolitan Opera, was fired after several men accused him of years of sexual harassment.

How is it that one of the most sought-after conductors of our time, musician of the year (1984), winner of the national medal of arts (1997), winner of numerous American and European music awards, honorary doctor of a number of universities became involved in the case of sexual violence?

For almost 40 years, Levine has held the position of music first, and then artistic Director of the Metropolitan Opera, successfully led orchestras in Europe and the United States. Career Levine has cracked in December 2017, after the publication of the police report with a detailed testimony of his first victims — Ashok Pai.

As reported by Ashok Pai, he has been subjected to harassment by the conductor since 15 years. In response to this claim, Met conducted an internal investigation. The testimonies of other victims, Chris brown and James Latoka, left no doubt: presented to the revered conductor of the accusations are not unfounded. His victims music mentor chose among young students.

"The investigation has identified credible evidence of sexual harassment Levine, both before and during the work at the Metropolitan Opera announced on March 12, the administration Met. "Levine sexually harassed defenseless artists for whom he was an authority at the beginning of their career."

"In view of these findings, it will be inappropriate and impossible for Levine to continue working at Met," the theater said.

The largest online media immediately responded to the resignation of the accused in a series of incriminating articles.

James Levine himself in an interview with NYTimes rejected all attacks by journalists: "the Accusations spread by the recent press are unfounded. Anyone who knows me will confirm that I was not a rapist."

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