In new Jersey, the head of the children's center restored discipline with a knife

4년 전

To maintain discipline in the children's team is not an easy task. Some teachers opt for this rather strange method.

An elderly kindergarten leader Dawn to Dusk Christian in Plainfield (new Jersey) decided to use a cold weapon in the fight against disobedience. To rein in two of raging kids, the 64-year-old Antetokounmpo, Akinnaso called them to his office and threatened to kill them with a knife. Of course, one of the boys was not injured, however, one can only imagine what stress they have received.

According to the kindergarten, which until recently was in charge of Akinnaso, visit 120 children aged from several months to 13 years.

As reported in the office of the Prosecutor of Union County, March 13, Akinnaso was arrested on charges of cruel treatment of children. If the guilt is proved in court, she will have 18 months to review their methods of education in the Federal prison.

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