New York was among five States with the highest taxes

4년 전

A city of freedom, opportunity, expensive living and high taxes. All these epithets fit new York equally. Minimum and average wages in The big Apple are among the ten highest in the country, but this does not mean that its residents have more money than their neighbors.

In parallel with higher incomes, the local population is also facing increased spending on housing, food, transport, clothing, medicines, essential goods and even cigarettes. According to new York takes the second step in the ranking of cities with the highest cost of living, passing forward only San Francisco.

Dear life is not the only problem new Yorkers. According to the latest portal study, the state has some of the highest taxes in the country.

Only Illinois, Connecticut and Nebraska surpass new York in the amount of fees.

Income tax in the state is 13.72%. This means that the average local family annually pays as taxes $9,759 - 27.49% more than the national average.

In addition, analysts found that new York ranked first in the country in terms of the cost of tobacco products and fifth in terms of the price of gasoline.

If a Large Apple can be called the city of freedom, it is clearly not financial.

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