NEWS: The US prepares a "military invasion" in Venezuela

3년 전

The ambassador of Venezuela to the UN Human Rights Council, Jorge Valero, warned that the United States Government was preparing a "military invasion" of his country.

At the same time, he questioned whether Washington had the moral authority to "impose a decree" on Caracas, after the US Treasury Department imposed a series of new sanctions on state oil company PDVSA.

On the other hand, the ambassador of the United States, Cynthia Plath, said that her nation remains committed to restoring democracy in the Caribbean country, as reported by Reuters.

"The United States remains committed to holding the perpetrators responsible for Venezuela's tragic decline and will continue to use the full range of diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly and the Venezuelan people's effort to restore democracy." he commented.


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I was just talking about this with some friends. that is why we are praying for God to cover Venezuela with his cloak, and keep this beautiful country.