#AlphaOmegaEnergy made our 2,924th Breakthrough CleanEnergy tech, New Energy Generation Class



#AlphaOmegaEnergy made our 2,924th Breakthrough CleanEnergy tech this weekend, an all New Energy Generation Class. This class just happens to "break the laws of thermodynamics"

  • our 2,925th energy efficiency device with large scale use cases
  • our 2,926th an energy efficiency device with large scale use cases
  • new physics discovery / light property & energy property which completely shatters the current conceptions of physics including another method which breaks both the 1st & 2nd laws of Thermodynamics.

Facts Re Scicom's light claims:

  1. Scicom claims photon has no mass
  2. Scicom claims graviton has no mass
  3. Scicom claims light lenses in gravity though, but according to components in quantum mechanics, light has no mass to attract, thus contradicting themselves, again (unless they want to claim the electricity side is actually a flow of electrons, which it doesn't seem they are willing to do so committingly at least at this point).
  4. Neither electricity nor magnetism has "mass" & the mass of an electron is claimed to be 0.1% of the value of a hydrogen atom, 1/1000th of the value of the proton.
  5. Scicom claims photons bounce like a basketball
  6. Scicom has no real way to measure if either its bouncing like a basketball, or something else is happening
  7. Scicom claims a photon can exert force, yet also state it is massless
  8. If electricity is indeed a stream of electrons, then electricity would thus according to scicom's claims at least, have mass. However electricity in light is so minute, yet steady, there does not seem to be room for an electron stream without the electrons being stretched to cover the entire distance leaving no gaps between. A string of endless ball with no space between would have both significantly more mass and more electricity than observations seem to be observing.
  9. Scicom virtually still does not talk at all about light being "electricity vibrating at very high frequency" in fact I have never seen them say such outside the confines of those following Nikola Tesla's work which are indeed rare among the world of scicom propagandists.
  10. This discovery in light breaks in fact F=mxa and shows once again the crudeness of the limitations of man made up laws in which scicom operates in.

AOE now has a new update to the AlphaOmegaEnergy laws which we will publish later on in upcoming scientific papers.

AOE Facts: (sharing one here)

  • The 2nd law of thermo in fact can not exist as it is written as the universe does not work as they claim in this so called man's made up limitation "law". This "law" is no more sensible in fact than the Canadian law that it is illegal to hang men's and women's underpants side by side on the clothing line. (as it is seen as a sexual reference to getting naked together) Is it any wonder why scicom scientists never get any X? :D It is a law put there to stop behavior, not that it is not possible for this function in physics to exist in fact of course they exist. Scicom knows this but they defend this law due to what it means & how it will affect their control structure on humanity. The Canadian law also has never been cancelled, more just for us all to enjoy the humor benefits of such. Indeed, the quality engineers of the world do enjoy the humor benefits also of scicom's man made up laws.

Fun Questions:

  • Does the "light basketball" have a membrane?
  • Is it full of air?
  • Why is it bouncing? Due to air being compressed inside? If not, then what?
  • Does it ever get flat? when?
  • Can you poke a hole in it? Will it pop?
  • How does that rectify with the other tracts of physics?
  • How does it NOT rectify with the other tracts of physics? (a question very few in scicom wish to ask these days, and more and more run from their service to the public instead)

Light speed does not "have a speed limit" full stop as in end of testing, it merely has been tested to have a speed "in our environment on earth, with the technology used to conduct the tests". This is a very small slice of the Universe in which to test in, and many others do not have the same environment but a far more different one. Scicom is unable to test "light" in the full variety of physics situations in the universe, and we can see the universe according to their own statements, moving expanding faster than the speed of light with our own eyes in a telescope and according to their own mouths. (Que scicom's name shaming acolytes to come abuse)

REMAINDER OF POST IS RE: SCICOM's escalating attacks on independents, & their oppression of anything mainstream scicom propaganda, and how Steemit chat has been oppressed and being controlled by scicom centralist acolytes:

Isn't it sickening how contemptuous that scicom & their sickophantic acolytes with combinations of Dunning Kruger + stage 10 NPD will attack any of their "law-breakers"? They simply won't allow it. They will adjust their construct, moving the goal posts of any discovery, to fit their construct. They will never change the actual construct. They attack anyone who even whispers anything contrary to the scicom propagandas they have been force fed & taught. Scicom is not immune as they claim to hiring an endless throng of taxpayer funded hate filled acolytes hell bent to impose hard penalties on any who question them or demand the public accountability & service orientation from them that the public deserves.

I broke their laws. Not once, not twice, not thrice, many times. Any good engineer can break their laws in fact. Any orphan or poor street child from the road in a third world country can break their laws in fact. Without their... 'help' without their funding, without any of their teaching nor propagandas nor math nor training nor brainwashing, just even by accident they can as physics is physics. Scicom and it's acolytes are not God. They did not make physics they only made up these so called man made laws of such then denied their very creator even exists because they hate God & they hate having any accountability to anyone least of all the public mores not of their elite crony corrupt clubs.

People like me are lawbreakers to the scicom crony acolytes. They will always oppose such as myself or a Nikola Tesla or any of the indy science innovators and never support. You can look around and see the endless number of cases in such regard and the corruption growing by the day not easing and not becoming more inclusive, but more exclusive. Thank God for capitalism. If the scicom acolytes had their way, people like myself would be hanging from trees and burning at stake for daring to say anything at all.

Scicom's "dunning kruger effect," (sorry to get into this but was just witnessing scicom propagandists once again hatefully branding indy researchers with names like "dunning kruger" again and again and again in endless shaming & discrediting attempts as they usually do with our tax dollars instead of conducting the public services they are paid by us to do) as they will instantly attack any stating such rather than say, 'hmm that makes sense hey lets give credit where it's due to these indy scientists', thank them, award them, and change our propaganda to include them & their contributions honestly. But let's all be honest, they never do that and can't name a single case of in general. (though there surely have to be some somewhere) Though the general flavor of scicom is that not only is this discouraged & behavior as if it has never happened, and it is not welcomed, but there are no mentions of any "public-paper" programs for the indy researchers and scientists to work together, scicom helping them to get published or publishing their work, nor any tract of friendly to indys groups more than willing to "peer review their findings and papers" having had already published many of these from the indy crowds, with the intention to support the indys, not merely a pack of typical scicom "dunning kruger style debunkers" which we now see a huge rise in lately, seeking to discredit others instead of include and appreciate them. There is also no common "scicom supported out in the public research initiatives" which support fully the ideas of the public, offering total credit embracing supporting & loving public research contributions recognizing the fact that anyone can stumble on anything any time, or put their minds to it and outdo the masses of scientists. (It does happen. In fact it happens a lot) (First litmus test of for shred of honesty by a scicom acolyte is full willing credit to and recognition of such without need for defending scicom) that don't first have to come back to get "judged" by scicom in usurping fashion as well where their discovery will not first be watered down, then name eliminated taken over by endless throngs of scicom funding seekers, of course with the inventor never even part of such projects nor fundings. They will never see a dollar, excluded for endless excuses instead of the embracing which should be done by the 'for public good service'.

Scicom acolytes we are happy to have your programs meeting such total public service criteria submitted BTW. Minimum ethical standards are of course:

  • Zero restrictions on nationality, living location, education, skin color, religion, age, social media status or participation levels, previous peer reviews or not. (uh oh, major problem for scicom) nor anything else other than "breathing"
  • Full continual involvement in all projects furthering study or information gather or experimentation on these discoveries, with name and contact included in such studies.
  • Full credit for any patents which are issued by universities or others coming from such public discoveries
  • Their name and contribution attached to every paper
  • Royalties for any funding grants or funds earned on discovery
  • Written name credits to the public
  • Awards inclusion in any rewards given for the research, discovery, or work on such projects flowing from
  • Name and contact credits written in all textbooks, bibliographies, scientific papers as is common credit system for major discoveries.
  • Sponsored attendance to forums, conferences, lectures, if the contributor wants to continue to pursue participation in the work
    (we all know nothing of these kinds of minimum ethical requirements of the publicly funded scicom crony club will ever be of interest to them, though hopefully that changes, don't hold your breath though) Instead, out will rain the endless lies and excuses why this is even 'ridiculous' etc.

Clearly, like many other things in physics, astrophysics, electrics, magnetics, Scicom has been wrong nearly continually in many of their assertions if not most, "theories" they fight and claim are instead "facts".

The Dunning-Kruger syndrome they so love now to use to try and name and shame, brand and demean any others with in their completely corrupt, evil sickophantic immaturities, they aim at any who dare to talk about scientific topics if they are not on the side of supporting the scicom propaganda of the day. This clearly can be seen heavily among scicom acolytes all across their industry.

This has directly in fact resulted not only in even more the distrust of scicom in general, due their radical contempt for any kind of scrutiny or accountability to the public who pays them, thus giving rise to a continual stream of opponents, and independent investigators, but also shows the radical hypocrisy of scicom, who is visibly wrong & contradictory on a daily basis, yet always attacks anyone saying so lying that they are not, then gives themselves total free pass and lies and sweeps under the rug their mistakes and changes even from just days earlier as if they can never be to blame for anything, nor are accountable for any of it, including the abuse they inflict and act with, even when others are doing it to them as well due to their improper treatment of the public & scicom is able to attack that behavior in others, yet a total hypocrite when doing to their victims.

And yet scicom is full of seething hatred for any who challenge their assertions in general to the point they resort to name game shaming rather than conducting the science they owe the public when claiming their position to all of them, which is their defense to make the moment they move from "possibility and theory" to any claim of "fact" and demanding anyone fall in line to it or pass or fail them on a grade for subject relating to, is done.

The burden of proof is clearly on the one stating 'fact' in a test exam or demeaning others when don't adhere to their chosen theories claiming facts when the truth is most of scientific knowledge is not concrete but being advanced daily by independents the world over who of course not only never get any credit from scicom but get attacked instead.

Scicom endlessly lies that instead of truth, that the burden of proof lies on someone excersizing their free speech rights to speak their own observations & claims, or demand scicom be humble public servants not radical dunning kruger infected egomaniacal acolytes, and prove their claims in every manner stating the only truth as is evidenced by their daily history, that they could finally learn something from independents and then as result they change everything overnight and without ever taking a shred of responsibility for, like their new claim the atmosphere is 600,000 KM now, not merely 40KM or 400M or 1000KM etc.

This was outed just in February, after an admitted hiding it from the public for 20+ years, or at least their mass of consensus being so incompetent that vastly crucial science was left to die for 2 entire decades on all of their watches and nothing done about it, and of course no recourse nor public accountability inquiry as to why, ever conducted, and how brutal the establishment holdback is when paid for with public funds.

If they can hold back, ignore, or be so incompetent to not progress something as large and as simple as the atmosphere extending out to 600,000KM instead of a mere 40-1000KM for two entire decades, then go attacking assaulting indy scientists for a living instead, certainly inquiries need to be continually carried out and an Internal Affairs bureau against the establishment corruption needs to be made and in a continual state of investigations.

The only truth, and clearly so, is that centralist scicom, paid by the public, has the only burden of proof, not the general public, who are free to say whatever the hell they god damn well please, and research and innovate within that freedom, again however the hell they god damn well please, and completely without the confining limits of the radical corrupt satanic agenda of the scicom establishment & their dunning kruger style name and shame attack and exclude as rip tax dollars then lie against the public, not serve them, then hide, manipulate, deceive, without any shred of accountability to them and those dollars in any regard whatsoever, as seething with contempt for independent researchers to dare ever question them.

It grows tiring to watch the demeaning attitudes and the level of contempt for "science conducted by anyone outside of the establishment" by scicom & it's mindlessly brainwashed acolytes who abuse any not in the exclusionist club.

Be reminded that most of scicom & it's related industries are all paid salaries by tax dollars, the public, these indys are paying them for their salaries and thus their jobs are public service roles not abuse the public roles. Really shameful and disgusting the behavior of scicom & clearly it's getting worse & more authoritarian & abusive, not the much better way owed the public nor the direction it needs to be steered finally since their inquisition days and that legacy really hasn't changed.

We all see how the scicom propagandists are now demanding the deplatforming of anyone speaking anything not the scicom propaganda of the day. But then when they change it to what the indy's said all along, restitution is never paid to them for scicom's crimes against humanity in such respect, and still yet they don't ever go looking for the original idea makers or publishers in the public domain who pays them.

By the way, on Steemit, there are a couple such acolytes eerily operating in the general chat as mods, insistent to ban anyone from the chat room who would say anything in contrary to the scicom propaganda of the day, also claiming to be "scientists". 3 of them for standard gang up group think bullying as is textbook behavior of any controlling group of thugs to oppress and kick out instead of welcome free speech.

Steemit.chat is supposed to be a free speech platform. It has clearly been usurped, the chat system anyway has, by the centralized scicom acolytes. Your decentralization platform clearly controlled by just a band of dunning kruger type hate filled mods + an "account approver" who declines alt-science named accounts and who declines accounts with alt-science named emails attached to them when trying to make new accounts. It is clear that even scientific free speech is NOT welcome on Steemit Chat.

Did you know your "decentralized application" your Dapps, are being completely controlled by centralized evil forces? Are you surprised? The US newsmedia has stated the US intelligence industry on government side has more than 1 million staff. 3 controlling usurpers per platform over 1,000 platforms is a mere 30,000, just 3%. Social media is one of the greatest assets in their scopes. That's what they do. That's their job. Control. Silence. Oppress. Contain. Why do you think the internet has been completely erased of live chat rooms? Too many ideas being shared too fast? Cache clearances and no log applets and Javas versus forever cachable web posts that they can use to box in, judge, oppress, slander, discredit, use against you etc.

In same scicom recent attacks you can see them more and more using these demonic tactics to try and attack anyone who says anything that isn't their delivered propaganda. They instantly go to dig personal information and personally attack publicly. Anywhere they can oppress in bullying internet stalking attacking psychopathic abuse, and abuse of public funds, count on them to keep doing it as we are seeing time after time after time.

Okay that's enough for my vent on Scicom's endlessly growing abuse of the public and of the public trust, for now.
The frustration watching them hold back humanity when you have endless slogs of tech, or even for those who don't and seeing them block oppress and exclude those who do, and never support, is significant. (I made my first tech at age 30 but watched tech makers all my life be attacked by scicom, and its worse today not better)

Back to work.Enjoy your Steemy day on the centralist controlled Steemit chat.
Expect more publicly funded oppression to come to the decentralized apps in near future. A lot of it in fact.

"We Changed The World!!"


  • All of scicom will be using my tech in the future, in fact an endless amount of it.
  • Most of it's liars will never give us any credit.
  • Scicom will likely never give us a single $ in our lives for anything.
  • Scicom will most likely never include us in anything which would embrace properly our contributions
  • Scicom will endlessly try to create ways to take credit, not give it where due.
  • They will do far more attacking of us then they ever will give any appreciation.
  • They probably will never even acknowledge us let alone award us. Look at Tesla Motors example to see such.
  • We have been attacked by a number of people claiming to be scientists, but never approached with any kind of supportive manner by anyone in the establishment at any level. Not ever. Even the governments who want projects, we approached them, they didn't approach us. They don't fund nor offer to not even $1. They offer zero support of any kind other than "can you teach us for free on your time so we can use you for $?"
  • Even propagandists who have absolutely nothing to offer on any innovation, technology, nor scientific basis, like a Greta Thunberg for example, who are very useful tools in the political machines, get "honorary awards and degrees etc" but the private innovators never do. I don't think they will ever reward me either. Not even something little. Such "sharing" with those not towing the political agenda line, is clearly not the establishment mentality.

Time will know however, God will know, even as they propagandize and dehumanize and deperson and delete from history, God will know. I Changed it All. Complete Thanks & Glory to Jesus whom they hate. It is they who shared such knowledge with me to honor my contribution, heart, intention and life and choices when the evil sickophants from scicom absolutely refused to do so at every level, excluding the truth instead in their dunning kruger level 10 NPD they project onto others, their victims, and the paying for them public including the ocean of fantastic engineers without desire to trade 4-7 years of boring brainwashing & $300,000 in debt for a crony club paper BS(bullshit paper)PH(Piled high and deep.) version.

See you instead on the innovation table,

AOE out.

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