Attention Humans!!! You are NO LONGER your star sign. NASA Changed it, adding a man holding a Snake.


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Born November 29-Dec 17? You are NO LONGER a Sagittarius, you are now an OhPukeus, thanks to NASA. (Ohphiuchus) Apparently the Zodiac just wasn't good enough for NASA, despite over 3,000 years of history since the Babylonians, they just couldn't help themselves from changing it and adding a man bearing a snake to our Zodiac, and then also shifting all the other dates for the other signs as well.

This new sign added by NASA, is described something that sounds like a globalist Satan of sorts. Check this out. "OhPukeus, Serpent Bearer, bearing a serpent, House OhPukeus' people were spirited, impulsive, flamboyant, jealous, tempermental, rebellious, private, and power-hungry." At their hearts, they wanted to bring everyone together in unity, and to rid the zodiac of every ill — disease, violence, etc. They call them "healers."

"Spirited, flamboyant, impulsive, jealous, private, rebellious, tempermental power hungry serpent bearing, ...healers?? That want to "bring the world together in centralized unity, "ridding the zodiac of...." every ill disease violence etc? and thats....."healing"? Wow.... what does "OhPukeus" have against the rest of the zodiac?? What did the rest of the zodiac peeps do to buddy OhPukeus? O.O Sounds like a Global Authoritarian Terrorist in waiting.


The Occult "Master's of the Universe" character from the childhood's comics and toys of the age of Hawking & current NASA administration ages, very very popular 30-45 years ago, also in cartoons etc, is the exact representation of the Constellation of OhPukeus and was inspired after it. Skeletor was a demonic force who even lived in an evil occult compound high on hill with massive snake around it, and who was trying to take over the entire universe, doing immense evil to all.


The reason NASA claims for adding this, as well as changing the other signs, they claim, is supposedly that the sun crosses OhPukeus for 13 days. However this is not reality. The constellation has only one leg which barely touches the zodiacal disc, and the sun crosses that for a mere one day. The constellation is NOT in the zodiacal disc, but ABOVE it, with the one leg barely intersecting it, trivial at best. The other zodiacal symbols are all right in the disc, OhPukeus clearly is NOT.


Also, OhPukeus is not even fully associated with these lower stars, but is generally associated without them at all. Some occultists, worshippers of snakes and demons and occult dark & evil figures controlling the universe like a "private power hungry rebellious flamboyant, tempermental unifier" (channelling hitler?) Usually OhPukeus is associated as not even having "the legs" as is drawn by occultists, or in just having one leg which crosses barely the plane of the zodiac. It wasn't even good enough to make the cut by the Babylonians from 3,000 years ago. And NASA didn't even get permission to change it from the Babylonians (Iraq)


Wow. So...NASA somehow has the global right to just up and change 3,000 years of Zodiac whenever they feel like it, along with the entire horoscope industry, and everyone's star signs? On whose authority? OhPukus the flamboyant power hungry impulsive controller sure showed up in such a great representation of NASA didn't he?

For just ONE DAY, NASA has not only changed your star sign for those two star signs in that area, but in a further act of Power Hungry impulsiveness, NASA didn't stop there. They changed ALL the signs, even those that have absolutely nothing to do with those dates at all.


NASA just re-wrote not only all of the future, but all of history also. Talk about Power Hungry, Jealous, temperamental, and controlling. They didn't call a UN meeting, or EU, nor NAFTA or WTO, not even an Antarctica Treaty meeting even. They just did it changed your whole world however they felt like and didn't even ask you. Adding that snake was just that Oh so important to them that they don't care what you think about it or how it would affect you. OhPukeus' description should also include the words "Dictatorial and Authoritarian"

So how do YOU reading this feel about no longer being a Sagittarius or a Libra or a Taurus or a Capricorn? And what do you think about the totalitarian attitudes clearly being exhibited growing at NASA, and Scicom?

How do you think about NASA hijacking your Star Sign and the world just out of the blue to inject "the serpent bearer" on you? We want to hear your opinions!

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Oh, this old chestnut again.... this is not news, and it's not even a thing... LOL.

And, it's Ophiacus.

Not sure how a fake news story about astrology relates to promoting your coin; Especially since you're Christians. Don't you all think Astrology is satan's work? What do you care if it changes.... 😉

But very cool idea that y'all are doing. Good luck with it.


Just spreading fake news to attract attention to their obvious scam, since it is unable to attract attention on its own merits.


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