Is AlphaOmegaEnergy a scam? Or A Change The World Champion? Internet Psychos Attack!


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Is AlphaOmegaEnergy a scam? Or A Change The World Champion? Internet Psychos Attack!

Check out what the Hate-Agent Online Psychos attack with, and you can decide for yourself!

Why are the Internet Psychos attacking us like a pack of foaming at the mouth crazed demonic Zombies?

Why on earth would these radical extremist demons come out of their slimy woodwork to attack, slander and oppress a tiny little social enterprise in the third world that's helping orphans and literally Changing The World with the Greatest CleanEnergy Tech in Human History?

Some internet trolls began slandering us online once we began posting on the “decentralized internet” where there is strangely and decidedly no consumer protections and no policing of the abusers on the dapps by the central Steemit force. The haters and losers came out of the woodwork, and WOW! They immediately began false accusations without even asking a single question or even checking out who they are doing crime against for more than a minute so they could ever know what they are talking about before they are willfully being Online Hate-Agents for all to see, recorded forever online.

Instead of helping, they just began slandering, committing illegal defamation, libel, began harassment, lying, and all kinds of baseless accusations. We then talked to legal counsel who immediately found him (several of them now), his home location, name, work, social profiles, the contact for his city hall, local police, and a veritable army of lawyers all around his house, their emails, phone numbers, and we're ready to go.

Cybercrime & online commercial crime is no joke these days.

AlphaOmegaEnergy is an Impact Social Enterprise and the #1 BreakThough CleanEnergy Startup in all of Human History, with 2,950 New techs as of today, a milestone that would be truly incredible indeed for even the most massive of global megacorporations who do not have the values focus for Global development like AOE.

AOE relocated to the third world to put the Right Priorities FIRST, has a Solar Orphanage Program, a combined education platform, a 3D printed prosthetics division, and is set to change all of the Human Future with our Best in Human History CleanEnergy Innovation & Business models.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.52.24 PM.png

AOE is trying to raise a SeedRound on the Blockchain as there is zero support whatsoever at any level for the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators still today despite all knowing the world left even Nikola Tesla unfunded and alone with the greatest innovations in history, and due to the radical corruption of the establishment, his patents are still seized today, as are his documents and notes, and 5,800 Patents including over 3,000 Renewables, and no one supports the innovators and VC are completely drunkenly derelict from the Early Stage Breakthrough Energy Innovator Startup segment.

Tesla 2450 0 Funds.png

AOE is dedicated to World Change and nothing but, has achieved miracle after miracle with next to no funding whatsoever, not a single dollar from any climate talkers nor establishment and is now looking to the people over Blockchain, for the very first support. AOE was pre-seeded by Bitcoin traders in 2017 when we had "just 1350 techs, and now we have 2,950 and have become #1 in history.

We will break down the HATE AGENT TROLL's points one by one from the answers we responded with to each part of his attacks. You can read the "conversation" and decide for yourself in the crazed foaming at mouth mania of the radical psychos on the internet versus the basic minimums of common sense and proper behavior and research of high standards in ethical social enterprise business.

"Criminal Troll Internet Abuser:" [AOE response and common basic sense]

"That's funny, i had an encounter yesterday with aoecoin. They are running a scam ico.”

[Makes Baseless false accusation with zero merit of course, which obviously isn’t true.]

“According to them they are a company with billion dollar tech portfolio”

[This is DEFINITELY the case, and anyone with a shred of understanding about tech, especially high value industrial tech, agrees with this.]

“But they don't have a decent website,

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 10.29.25 AM.png

[We have a FANTASTIC website, (actually we have 4 & working on 5th, a new simplified consumer-zombie version since a lot of people just can't flow with our innovator's version.) just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t make it not so. I don’t like citibank’s website, does that mean it sucks? Hardly. Ours is much more in depth than any other “crypto” project, much bigger, with more effective format for VC & institutional investors with the information order they want, with more documents, more reports, more business planning, more comparisons, complete with videos, articles, and much more. It’s still not finished as we will just keep on making it better as all Startups do. As a Startup, your website will not be perfect and ours still has more to do, but this of course is the norm for Startup, AND especially for a “crypto project” We are much further along than most pre-raise projects. No one ever expects a Startup nor a crypto project to have a fully perfect anything or website as they are still building and developing things.]

“Nobody ever heard about them.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 10.29.45 AM.png

[This is of course completely false as we have already pitched in 16 cities to standing ovations, awards, are all over the internet, have demand requests from 15 countries, over 300 install locations waiting for us to be financed so we can finish, we are known at chambers of commerce, have 10,000+ tweets, have 15 social media profiles, videos, investors already for 2+ years, signed deals and contracts. Of course a startup in the third world out of 256 cleanenergy companies and over 13,900 CleanTech 100 contest award global participants who has never had even a single VC round yet will not be in the front pages of everyones apple box. This guy clearly doesn’t know the industry, and even me being an expert, there is no way I know 1,000 of these 13,900 in cleantech, no one does. Perhaps he knows all 13,900 of them when he doesn’t even know anything about a fuel cell nor even the basics of IP strategy in CleanEnergy Startup? LOL, yeah right. Also Startups in the third world of course will not get any attention. Who is helping them? Certainly not these cybercriminals, stalkers, harassers liars and abusers. Never seen one of them over here in the third world doing anything for anyone before. LOL imagine. Maybe passed out drunk on the road at a tourist joint that’s about it, but certainly never doing anything constructive for the world. There are 246 CleanEnergy Startups listed on just one website of startups. This criminal slanderer surely never even heard of a single one of them.]

“This I can't find any proof they did some breakthrough inventions.”

[LOL, we have been blogging about it for YEARS all over the place. He didn’t even look, didn’t read our white paper, as it clearly states the value of our tech, specs, etc. We have more proof of this all over the place than probably any startup ever has had. It is literally everywhere our invention discoveries logged all over social media for years now including types, resultant benefits, dates, number, order, classifications, values estimates, etc. ]

“Fuel cells are not invented by them.”

[Fuel Cells were invented nearly 200 years ago when electricity was first discovered by Ben Franklin. No one who is alive today invented it, yet the technology is advanced every year and businesses in fuel cell exist in 20 countries already, even in the attackers! The point is irrelevant, this is clearly not someone from a business nor energy background nor technology nor engineering nor IP nor education, nor Science, nor chemistry, nor an investment one.]

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.50.55 PM.png

“Solar panels are neither invented by them.”

[There are thousands of solar companies, none of which invented solar, and all have legitimate businesses in solar. Dozens of companies make new technology advances and of course doing such is open to every man, woman, and child on earth at any time, even him once he stops being such a radical neo-luddite. We have over 30 new solar power techs including entire new classes of solar energy collection. No one has to invent solar to re-invent solar, though we do have our own classes of solar we have invented.]

“I did some research about his scam ico, they really don't offer proof of anything.”

[Again false claims, as we have videos, have ran for YEARS already, even years before we got the first $1 of funding, before we got any Bitcoin from the traders who pre-seeded us. We not only have proof of something, unlike “crypto projects pre-ico” we have proof of absolutely everything, in fact for all to see.]

“They did some inventions apparently, yet have no patents.”

[IP is of course not a public discussion topic and no ones business but for the companies in question, and it's a highly sensitive private concern for the businesses involved. Just like no company discusses their IP openly, we do not either. However in general terms even if a startup had no patents, and 99% of them don't of course, such is irrelevant of course to their business success as either a trade secret, open source, or future patents once they are properly funded are all options they can pursue and of course typically do once funded properly. That's IF they even care about patents. No one ever needed any patents to operate a business. Mcdonalds doesn't have patents on their burgers, does that stop them from being the #1 food provider on earth? Of course not! How ridiculous! To defend all the 10s of millions of Startups around the world, NONE of them needs a patent for anything to do business and especially not to raise money. It's LUNACY. We of course as a startup do not have patents yet for all 2,950 of our techs and make more tech all the time, you tend to only defend what you are going to commercialize in near term however, that’s how it is generally done. We Only speak in general in public about IP and anything we state is not necessarily in any way reflective of our actual internal IP strategy.]

“It's about as scammy as it can get.”

[AOE is far more accountable, transparent, and solid than nearly any other project on crypto to date, especially concerning the early stage of the project in terms of funding & support received to date. We also have every receipt in TRIPLICATE & even put them on google drive for our investors.]

“They have a billion dollar portfolio but need to receive some ethereum from random people as investment.”

[Firstly, to be funny, we prefer Bitcoin. :D This is of course the norm in all startups, as only 1 in 10,000 startups globally ever gets a deal. There are endless numbers of inventors and innovators of course who never get a deal or are raising. Even David Sadoway an MIT professor needed years and years of pitching building and presenting endlessly to get his first support, then only more years later did he finally get a deal for his liquid metal battery. Clean Energy innovators have never been supported and thats why we are all still driving toxic energy cars and 15+ million people are dying from air pollution every year. 95% of VC do not fund clean energy. 95% who do, refuse to fund outside of their state or country. Most of those only fund establishment professor teams, not Startups or small private innovators like AOE. Bill Gates outright Refuses to fund CleanEnergy Startups not from the establishment. (thats NOT a Startup). AOE knows 50 other Breakthrough Energy Innovators personally across 23 nations that all also have never gotten any funding. Over 5,800 patents are seized by the USA government alone, more in other nations, over 3,000 of them being renewable energy patents. This is not a financially well supported field, everyone knows this. This is the reason AOE is raising on Blockchain. Climate cartels don't support, global dev orgs don’t support. Even this abuser’s favorite writer Soros refuses to respond to us and won’t help. What are the energy innovators to do? Of course raising on blockchain is a great way to try it.]

“LOL he so rich he needs your money :p”

[Rich? What third world social enterprise is rich? This guy is smoking some very damaging something. If AOE was rich then AOE would not be raising a seed round, they would be doing a well oiled promotion machine IEO with an exchange or going direct to IPO, and have the websites all finished. Since AOE is not, clearly the reason is they are not rich enough to do so, as much more money could be raised much more effectively if AOE had the funding for these Startup development pain items.

“Beware, this ICO is a scam! & If people will end up losing money it can backfire to you.”

[AOE is of course not a scam. Due to the career level passion of the founder, and the 14 broker dealers already wanting to sell AOE’s stock, their valuation by SBI securities, & their massive tech portfolio, all AOE needs is to achieve their tiny seedround of 2.6 million and after this it would be nearly impossible for AOE to not get a VC deal. AOE may get one before this and not ICO at all, this is possible however it’s best to have more options.]

“Just look at this shitty whitepaper it speaks for itself” <a href=""

[AOE’s white paper is STILL the biggest ever made in history, most in depth, and with the ONLY REAL ECONOMY Business model in crypto history. It’s quite fantastic on many levels. He doesn’t like it but has of course zero substance to anything he says. (this one is old now a little out of date, new one out soon)

Awards from who? You local scam club? That doesn't mean anything, I could give myself an award if i wanted.

[No, people can not give out the awards we have received to themselves. We did PROUDLY in addition to the real awards we received including “Best Project” “Most Likely To Succeed” “Most Valuable Project” “Top Project” “Most Disruptive Project” “Most Sustainable Project” “Winner TechStars 54 hour Fintech weekend” among others, we did proudly self-nominate ourselves come to mention it, for the Canadian Top 50 Clean Capitalism award, since our tech is better than the others, and since the Canadian government does not support small private innovators & never has, including in Fuel Cell where the famous Fuel Cell car inventor was murdered after receiving zero support whatsoever even despite the premier of Ontario and many news organizations speaking with him about it, being on TV numerous times, in all the papers and more. Canada also does absolutely nothing for the undeveloped nations AOE operates in, and AOE being an activist is challenging them to actually do at least something instead of absolutely nothing. AOE also self-nominated for the Cleantech 100, as 95 of them are decidedly chosen from only the richest G7 nations, despite 13,900 entrants all over the world and all those in the developed world need the recognition, not those huge companies already successful in the rich G7. Clearly there is a lack of REAL leadership at Cleantech 100 awards thus in activism we self-nominated as the winner, then also additionally because we both have better tech and far more tech and far more impactful tech than this entire 100 combined. Their intention is to do absolutely nothing for the other 210 non G20 nations of earth, never put them FIRST as they should, and their organization never actually supports the innovators but only those who have already succeeded past Startup without any of their help and have already gotten millions of dollars already. They aren't making anything happen like they could be doing, they merely only target these already well funded companies. They are ignoring all the needs based and Impact nations in the world, and completely ignoring all startups and innovators, only choosing those who have ALREADY raised 2+ million $ meaning of course they don't need the help of "an awards" organization, and who this award needs to be focused on is those like the startups for example who moved to the 3rd world to help the poor.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.52.43 PM.png

“Unless you won a noble price or something similar in importance.”

[No Clean Energy innovator in fact no energy innovator ever has won the nobel prize, only Edison & Tesla who split the prize. We would love to be awarded the nobel prize but we are fairly confident we would never get one even despite all our 2,950 Technologies & many physics discoveries. Not even after they were all over the entire world, and they will be. They absolutely will be. Even then we doubt that someone from outside the establishment circus would ever be nominated for one let alone win it. Let’s hope we get lucky but clearly there have been so many energy innovators who haven’t gotten any recognition whatsoever from the Nobel, and they only award such after someone has had massive commercial success like a Nikola with his Niagara Falls dam etc. BTW, is a “nobel price” a discount for good deeds or something? We definitely deserve one! :D LOL

“You are doing nothing except for making some empty promises and trying to take investors funds away.”

[Again baseless meritless claims with zero evidence for of course, which is completely illegal for him to slander. He is really digging himself a huge legal hole here. Im not even sure what to say about this as it’s just utterly idiocy and rubbish, especially in our case, but in any case where there is no actual loss. We have had investors for 2+ years already not a single claim of wrongdoing has ever been put against us by any of those who has helped our project, and nothing but accolades from]

“Because you have no real customers, they only "expressed a request". & Which means nothing.”

[This again is completely false and baseless. He has never asked about this, and we have many many customers and in fact a number of them call us regularly chomping at the bit wondering when we will finally get support to build their projects. They are not investors nor VC, and governments never invest in startups of course everyone knows that, so until we raise on either blockchain or VC, unfortunately they will still be waiting, because...we are not rich. We are a tiny third world social enterprise startup with a ton of tech pre-seed round, It’s not rocket science. It’s not even 1+1 in fact. Shame he can’t figure it out. Definitely not your quality investment research nor investigative sort of fellow. Looks like he didn’t get an education in that either. Skipped the self teach also clearly. Also, EVEN IF a Startup had no customers, & which isn't the case for us, it would remove no merit from the value of the startup in any way of course on it’s own. We went ahead and got customers FIRST, as many VC want this prior to investing. It's of course NOT necessary in any way, but, We did not wait like most Startups do to get customers before full funding like others. This is because we are much better planned than others and have much more merit.]

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.51.23 PM.png

“What technologies are you talking about?”

[Such can be seen in our “white paper” on our website, in our client list, on the home page, in tech sections of our website, and advertised literally thousands of times all over the internet, in our videos and presentations, on and on and on. (shaking head) This guy is totally useless at any form of investment research. Then he is slandering social enterprises lying they are scams, committing crimes all over recorded forever online, so "admirable" of him. (looking around) nope! he isn't here in the third world building ANYTHING nor even trying, and never helped ANYBODY. Nice. What a piece of work, oh wait, he didn't do any work at all.]

“Nowhere can any information be found.”

[We have literally THOUSANDS of ads all over the internet. We have thousands of pages of information on our websites also. O.O What an absolute nincompoop.]

“you can't get a decent website.”

[We had 7 of our in house staff programmers working on it for over a year this one. I think they did pretty good for now. For little Cambodian wonderful recent grads and starving students, I think they did a good job making what I wanted. They don't get those massive Hate-Agent programmer salaries either in the third world, they don't even get 10% of it in fact. I guess that's because we're all so rich in the third world? Looking forward to advancing it once we have more funding! We can afford even more improvements once we have more funding, just like every other company on earth. This guy clearly has never made a business. He never helped a legitimate one either clearly.]

“Who's valuing your technology?, you or the free market?”

[This is of course always a combination of the two for all companies. We use both IP lawyers as we have met with many in a number of countries, and there is plenty of tech on the market and public deals & databases of such events for such which we have attended where such is on display. There are of course industry resources with which all companies can value their tech against, especially the deals already done for what tech etc. I think it’s quite easy for anyone to complete such comparables in a reasonable range and find a reasonable value. Clearly research is not this Online Troll’s forte, skill, nor interest.]

“Where are your patents of all your breakthrough inventions?”

[All IP information for all companies is not discussed publicly and certainly of course is never discussed with hate filled satanic abusive trolls from the internet. Professional IP firms and MNC & Investment firms are free to contact us in regards to & begin our due diligence process according to industry standard.]

"Alpha Omega Energy's Tech Portfolio alone is worth in excess of $1 Billion"

[Yes absolutely this is the case, though that was the figure at around 1500-1800 techs & we have 2,950 now, probably it is in excess of 2+ Billion in fact this can be well substantiated merely in the recent VC tech deal space alone. We're a busy Startup so our priority isn't valuing everything. It's more than enough.]


[We are #1 in every regard. We have more tech, more valuable tech, a better model, in perfect product market demand fit, already valued for 1+ BB for IPO. We are absolutely #1 in every regard. And YOU are full of shit. WE are full of Innovation, CHANGE THE WORLD. Positive Energy, Socent & Impact Mission, & Nothing but VICTORY.]

“You are far from the worlds #1, not even close to what some multi billion dollar companies are doing.”

[It’s a Startup comparison, not a comparison with Billion dollar companies, of course. He lost his mind again. It appears he knows nothing about Startup. A multi-billion dollar company IS NOT a Startup. However, no company has tech as valuable as we have in the energy Impact space, this is the fact. Thus we are #1 in the entire Impact Deeptech space, even in the global class including all megacorporations.]


“1,920 Breakthrough Tech Commercializations possible with your investment."

[This is out of date a bit, we have 2,950 now as of today]

“Nowhere can these breakthrough tech commercializations be found.”

[Again, thats what Startups have to raise for, obviously this attacker is not rich nor well educated, as he seems to have thought money falls from the sky to commercialize million dollar pieces of equipment. Even at MIT after 16 MILLION Dollars of investment, they have not finished their battery in 6 years for commercialization still yet, after YEARS of trying to raise first before that, and they are the #1 tech university in the United States of America with endless funds, all the best equipment in the world, and an army of free interns. No REAL Startup has any of that, but we STILL beat them hands down. We will commercialize 6 divisions post seed round in under 6 months, we already commercialized 2 before focusing wholly on raising and advertising for our raise. A startup is not commercialized. That's what makes it a Startup. That's why they have to raise money it's the entire point of raising in early stage. In our communications we in fact state "we are raising to commercialize.” This is the hardest stage for all Cleantech startups is to raise funds for this step. After they are complete, they enter the scaling stage immediately and take on significant funding, this is a given. However the vast majority of CleanEnergy Innovators never gets funded and has never received any support from anyone.]

"AOE Systems make 200-600x the power per sq meter as solar"

[Yes this is correct, we can even do 6,000. It's not rocket science.]

AOE Power System 200x the Energy of Solar.png

“The only thing you do is making some spectacular claims without providing any evidence.”

[False again, as we have discussed the relevant details with the relevant parties, proven our tech portfolio & ability to a solid number of industry participants to the point they said wow awesome we would love a project, we will give you contracts! & a large number of others over 4 years as any startup would have done in such time and as all Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators are forced to endure unlike the criminal coding industry in crypto has never had to do nor ever has to do still, having raised nearly a Trillion dollars for shitcoins and endless frauds and nothing to show for it not even a single product manufactured the entire time besides some USB sticks. We have endless amounts of “Evidence” all over the internet, and no one would ever need the vast amount such as we have, as of course the only thing required is for someone to make a gadget and plug it in on a meter, or build something marketable. Clearly this attacker has never made a business, product design, nor been around such in his entire life. I feel sorry for his dire lack of experience and education. Perhaps his very first visit to a coworking space in his entire life would do him some good.]

“Then you go on talking about some of your imaginary "clients". Where are there names and testimonials to back that up?”

[This lying slandering criminal internet troll even missed the huge lists of them on our homepage. I guess it takes brains to see that or something. We don’t advertise testimonials as we are not an acne cream company or some related consumer product. (though I'm helping a Cambodian woman do just that) We are private industry B2B. We have no plan to do such in the future nor would we have any use for it. It’s of course very uncommon in industry. Of course clients are confidential not public. Same goes for everyone in business in general. Though we put lists on our sites and in presentations. We can get a lot more also, that's one thing we are very good at unlike other startups. Areas we are less good are social media, & finding support, but that's mostly because we're in the third world and no one cares unless you are in the richest 21 markets]

“Show me a press release on official government website they did in fact order it.”

[1. We don’t buy press releases we do not pay to play. Confidential technology service deals are rarely publicized in such fashion, especially with governments. There are not big celebratory press releases for such either lol. Funny though. Governments don’t “endorse” companies in such way as investments either and are careful that such would never be mis-understood as such. If anything ever goes wrong with a contractor, the liability can fall on the government, thus they never do that.]

“No scientific proof to back that up.”

[It’s of course not any kind of reality, merely lies and slander from an internet troll. Of course nothing of the sort would ever be needed from anyone building a new product or invention or technology as all know. People build things & monetize them all the time, 99% of them never enter into any form of scientific review nor is it ever needed in many industries unless some form of safety certification requirements regulations are in play, and certainly there are none in our market affecting our business model. If some joe lunchpail up and made a cold fusion device that worked, he needs of course no scientific review. He can plug it in and sell electricity in any jurisdiction allowing such activity any time he feels like it. He would of course never need any form of review. We don’t either of course thus however we have already had our tech valued.]

“And where are video's of running fuel cell installations?”

[I have personally never seen a video of a running Fuel Cell Installation by a professional fuel cell company come to think of it, not even a Ballard. I have only ever seen them made by tinkerers and backyard joes who experiment. The professionals do not generally produce teaching videos on their running technology dissecting it for free public destruction of their company IP to the complete betrayal of their IP strategy & investors. You have to go to see it in person generally is the case. Perhaps this internet criminal will one day do so for the very first time in his entire life. Who knows, probably not. We have no future plan to ever video our technology publicly though we will show some fancy new video to professional VC etc in the future is likely in some future date. That would be fun.]

“That's all you got? Good try.”

Some further points in addition to the tens of thousands of ads, & papers all over the web, videos, documents, pitches, presentations, reviews, etc.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.52.03 PM.png

We make only complete promises and take everything we communicate to investors completely seriously.
2. We are exceptionally responsible with investor funds, such is also proudly our proven for all to see record, and our investors to date do not agree with this attacker’s baseless lies and slanders. The abuser never invested in our company, and thus has no idea what he is talking about. He merely went online and began slandering startups he found for no reason at all. Perhaps it's time for him to take a vacation or some relaxing or a gym trip and get out of mother’s basement.
Committing crime online in baseless defamations, slanders and harassments, It's not very intelligent a move to make.
All startups have to start somewhere. Anyone cyberbullying startups online should seek some conversations with family or counsellors to deal with this deep seated hatred they have for those building startups. It is very abnormal and psychologically disturbed.
Almost all solid companies began as startups at one point. They deserve everyone’s encouragement and help not the demonic hate filled attacks on the internet by criminals.

NEVER FORGET that these kinds of Lowlifes, Losers, Liars, and Frauds are the Entire Reason why 4 BILLION people have no electric related services, why there is poverty, why innovators never get funded, & why 15 MILLION people are DEAD each year just from breathing, and these Criminals don't care, never help, and only want to create even more of it.

We are offering to these internet criminals for them to delete their illegal slanders against us or we will take legal and police action. Cyber bullying & cyber crime should never be tolerated by anyone. We decided to use the slandering opportunity for good & show how ludicrous and insane the demonically evil baseless slanders of these people are, and inform people more in addressing their lies, false accusations, illegal defamations etc.

Online bullying is illegal. Online harassment is illegal. Slander, libel and defamation is illegal. No one has any right to do such.

If someone has a valid claim with evidence claim of loss against a company which of course they will never have against AOE, they are to file it with the police. Any police will do, they pass it around to where it needs to go. If you don't, then work on saying good things about people, and helping the undeveloped world.

The internet can be a nasty place. Don't ever let the evil criminals bother you, & don’t tolerate their crimes. Report them to police, have them arrested, & sue them immediately. We will forgive them if they apologize & delete their comments however but we won’t leave it forever as no one deserves to be a victim of their crimes & stalking harassment.

“And now he threatens to get me to court. I had to laugh at that, i'm looking forward to it. Hope he really does it, would be funny in court. But since it's a scam, that's very unreal to happen. Unless he's going full retard mode on this.”

[Our legal counsel has already located this criminal in his hometown, his name, social profiles, business activities, the local police nearby, the city hall contact information, and 20+ law firms including speciality firms right next door that are active in this space. Even a national cybercrime task force office which is very bullish against cybercriminals like him. It is never a threat to uphold the law in regards to blatant criminals online, it is a public service, honor, and duty. One we will be proud to uphold.]

Any REAL inquiries from professional investment firms or investors are of course always welcome. Positive people, supporters of social enterprises in the third world also very welcome to comment, like, share, subscribe, invest, contact, or give us some love. We look forward to changing your world, and everyone else's. Now what is more #1 Than that?
“We Changed The World!!”
Invest NOW, and you can help us Change The World, Together!
Change The World CHAMPIONS!

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.52.43 PM.png

AlphaOmegaEnergy (aoecoin) the World's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Startup is going on the Blockchain this year with 2,950 new techs.

  • We are doing a Seedround on Blockchain
  • Paying 300% Fixed Return Minimum to our Investors as a debt note.
  • Pre-sales are open now DM to invest.
  • We will be building power plants with our world leading technology, as an asset backed Blockchain. We are mining with the power we make, and building an electric plane and several scalable social enterprise divisions as well.
  • We are securing the Seedround chain also with 100% collateral in shares of the company and a debt note. We have every receipt practically in triplicate.
  • Make a Big Return helping us CHARGE IT ALL! And Change The World!!
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Wow. Good display of the shallow mentality out there. People just like to be a troll or a loser putting something down like immature children. Subconsciously i suspect most are putting stuff down as a way of using them as a stepping stone to feel better about themselves, because they lately or always have low self image haha. People and their assumptive nature, no common sense instinct, shoot 1st - questions later nonsense.

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