Solar Minimum! Sun Magnetic Field Down 15-30%! Black Hole Sun! Earthquakes & Solar Wind!


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It's July 9, 2019, just 7 days after the Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina. The Solar-Earth Climate conditions are concerning to say the least, for an avid scientist & watcher like myself.

We are experiencing a sunspot polarity shift beginning into solar cycle 25 now, finally, which seems like ages already since the beginning of solar minimum began even the shift to it in 2013 when suddenly for the first time I have ever been witness to, gigantic coronal holes began opening up on the sun.

Abnormal to have any coronal holes at all since we have had ability to see them with our recent instrumentations, now shockingly 75% of the sun surface has no corona at all in conditions which used to be super scary-disturbing, but now are so common that even everyone is used to it. Wow. What a surreal place. I can still remember the panics I felt when I first saw & felt the effects from these coronal holes during the peak of the 2012-2013 solar cycle.

Incredible how much the sun's magnetic field has dropped in the years I have been watching. This is the cause of all the excess heat & drought we have had, NOT "Global warming" via Co2.

When there is no magnetic shielding from the sun, which traps in the energy escaping it, it is no different than having no magnetic container in a fusion reactor. The incredible heat from the superheated high energy plasma escapes, headed directly at earth in radiation filled and electrically charged solar winds.

More such wind is inbound to hit us directly tomorrow in fact. More 6.9 earthquakes in Indonesia have sparked just minutes ago. When these massive winds slam into the earth's magnetic field, charging our entire system with a massive influx of energy and resulting heat, and of course also direct heat, the climate effects are of course massive. None of this is ever considered in the TSI or "Total solar irradiance" calculations by the IPCC nor any other "Climate Doomsday-ist"

The winds tomorrow are not very heavy, and not expected to cause significant activity, however the polarity of the sunspots is definitely reversing, & two strongly abnormally negative jolts in inbound electric flow from the sun coincided with 2 major bursts of seismic activity in the USA and elsewhere in the world including the mediterranean and the ring of fire. It does seem we are at the flux point of change. The earth being of course a gigantic electrical system, these kinds of changes are going to have possibly significant effects.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 1.40.25 AM.png
[the solar wind hitting us tomorrow]

As the solar cycle begins to swing back upward, as it's scheduled to do at least late this year, bringing changes in "interplanetary magnetism fields", this will affect earth and cause shifts, changes in electric currents inside it, and with it storms, heat waves, & seismic activity.

Solar minimum is upon us, and the best solar cycle model in the world which comes from Ukraine, says we will be in a lower activity cycle than the last. This is good news when you have way less magnetic shielding and massive coronal holes staring directly in the face of what scicom tells us is a gigantic nuclear reactor.

I am concerned about the radical fall in the sun & earth's magnetic fields, & the lack of corona on the sun. If the solar activity resumes upward, & with it the magnetic field, this would return "to the norms" we are used to in the modern age of this kind of detection. However this age is so young, it could have been like this continually for thousands of years & we could not know. One thing is for certain, the Fusion so called scientists have no idea how our sun works.

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  • Both images from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (USA) A division of the Central Intelligence Group.

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Very interesting write up. I have always liked learning the correlations between the sun activity and the Earthquakes etc. The connection has been known for a while yet so many people have no idea. Earthquakes are not as mysterious as people still think. There are patterns, there are charted variables. I hope you get the attention that you deserve soon and really put us into a real 'space age'.