Erdogan Terrorists Use 4 Suicide Vehicle Bombs to Attack Syrian Army in Aleppo

8개월 전

Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda Levant aka NATO terrorists carried out a fierce attack against the advancing Syrian Arab Army troops southwest of Aleppo using as vanguards of their troops suicide booby-trapped armored vehicles, as usual.

Syrian Arab Army.jpg

The vigilant SAA units were prepared and blew up the incoming vehicles from a distance and immediately targeted the gatherings of the terrorists causing massive losses among them.

Using suicide car bombs ahead of their attacks is a tactic used repeatedly by the anti-Islamic NATO-sponsored terrorist groups, especially when they're desperate. Using 4 such vehicles in this latest attack shows the level of desperation to achieve any gains ahead of their upcoming defeat in Syria.

More in this report: SAA Repel a Nusra Front Terrorist Attack Southwest of Aleppo

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They send the suicide ones first then they come in large numbers shooting everywhere and bombing everything and when our army kills these creatures the western world go crazy instead of thanking us!

@arabisouri,My wife and I hope daily that Aleppo and Northern Syria survive and come out of this more or less intact.
My wife has a man she "follows" from Aleppo that rescues cats that have been abandoned or injured.
I have a man that I follow who sends me updates!! (I am smiling here) Soplease, take care of yourself and keep up the good fight!! Your friend and supporter, Mitch


Thanks. It takes only some humanity to feel like that and imagine many people cheer for the head-choppers instead.