NATO Turkish and Kurdish Militias attack Syrian Farmers in Raqqa Countryside


Turkish army and Erdogan loyalists of Al Qaeda shelled the houses and farms of Syrian locals in the northern countryside of Raqqa while at the same time US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militiamen raided a number of villages in the eastern countryside of the province.

Kurdish SDF YPG PKK and Turkish FSA NATO guns.jpg

A number of terrorist groups of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult operate in the northern Syrian provinces under the protection of the Turkish Army, NATO's second-largest army, these are members of an assorted consortium of groups offshoots of Al Qaeda, they follow the same misinterpreted religion followed by Ayman Zawahri, the leader of Al Qaeda and the Turkish madman Erdogan.

The terrorists work to Israelize the regions they capture, which is to uproot the indigenous people and replace them with members of their groups brought from other areas of the country and from other countries all the way to China's Uighurs. In their quest, they terrorize the locals to push them to leave their homes, similar to what Israel did throughout its history thus the term 'Israelize'.

They bombed yesterday the towns in the Ain Issa region with mortar shells and artillery causing massive damage to properties and farmlands, a few days earlier their indiscriminate shelling killed a child in his home.

At the same time, militiamen of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists raided a number of towns in the eastern countryside of Raqqa kidnapping up to 50 young men and led them to concentration camps for brainwashing and training to use them against the Syrian people and the Syrian armed forces.

There's no coincidence that all these anti-Syrian armed groups of the Kurdish SDF and its affiliates, the Turkish Al Qaeda affiliates and offshoots including ISIS, and the NATO forces are created, funded, armed, sponsored, and commanded by the same NATO armies.

Further details in this report: Erdogan and Trump’s Militiamen attack Syrian Towns in Raqqa Province.

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Only the blind won’t see the alliances between the different anti-Syrian militias operating in different areas of Syria, they all have the same maestro, the same funding and arming sources, the same media coverage in favor of their crimes and demonizing the Syrian state and the Syrian people and whoever stands beside us against those terrorists coming to our country in different colors and backgrounds.