Ridiculousness Keep Coming from the US Elections



So let's assume the largest defense budget in the world that is more than the defense budgets of the second 5 countries combined including Russia, China, and the UK, was not enough to stop 'Russian and Iranian interference' in the US elections. Let's also assume that it takes a spam campaign to control the US policies, like all the spams we get on a daily basis and don't feel intimidated from despite quoting our names and being leaked by US-based tech firms.

Let's also assume that there are no spam filters applied in any of the email platforms used by the US people and the emails on these stolen email lists can still be reached with threatening messages from Iran and Russia and the US voters feel obliged to comply.

Let's assume all of the above is correct, which is so ridiculous, what about the US interventions in each election around the world and when they fail to get their puppets in power they claim the elections were illegitimate, were manipulated, and they fund 'peaceful protesters' to destroy the targeted country's economy, then they would impose sanctions on the targeted country, then they would steal any assets that country has abroad or is heading to that country, then they would create and arm terrorist groups in that country to bring their puppets into power by all sorts of coups and massacres; well, wouldn't it be justifiable for Iran and Russia, two of the most affected countries of US interventions to seek revenge in a civilized manner that doesn't involve any of what the US did to them? Don't forget that the US planted Yeltsin and helped dismantle the USSR in all means and methods, and don't forget that the CIA assassinated one of Iran's most popular prime ministers Mohammad Mosaddegh, and deliberately shot down a civilian Iranian airplane over the Persian Gulf and killed all 290 people on board the plane, and just earlier this year assassinated in a cheap attack one of Iranian's most revered generals in Iraq, which it also still occupies to a large extent and still controls, not only manipulates, its political life after the USA WROTE THE IRAQI CONSTITUTION after it invaded the country illegally, and Trump even plotted to kill President Assad and then called him to ask for help in releasing US citizens one of which disappeared in Syria while training Al Qaeda terrorists how to fire RPG rockets against Syrian policemen!

Just those few examples are they enough to give the US politicians any room to complain about others 'allegedly' interfering in their elections by email spamming campaigns?!

For history:

For history:


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