Two More Children Killed by NATO's ISIS Landmine Hours after Another Whole Family Murdered


The Syrian people continue to pay with their dearest blood the price on behalf of humanity for daring to challenge NATO's hegemony and standing up against the forces of NATO combined in addition to the Gulfies, Israel, and 350,000 of their anti-Islamic terrorist army of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their ilk.

Contrary to the saying: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, landmines that don't kill you devastate your life and the lives of your family forever.

The latest landmine explosion murdered two children of 4 and 5 years of age in their farm in Al Mayadin city, northeast of Syria, this war crime came just hours after another family, a father, mother, and a little girl of 5 years old were murdered, and their little boy was maimed by another landmine explosion to the east of Syria's central city of Tadmor (Palmyra), both landmines were planted by ISIS terrorists before they were defeated by the Syrian Army and its allies, both were planted in farmlands.

It's no secret after 10.5 years that all these terrorist groups that infested Syria, starting with the so-called Free Syrian Army, which basically was an umbrella for the real Al Qaeda terrorists and not ending with ISIS and Uighur terrorists brought all the way from China and having their own Turkestan Islamist Party, all fully sponsored by NATO's second-largest power Turkey, all funded by the willful of the taxpayers in NATO member states and their Gulfies satellite oil and gas stations, and all with the help of western and Saudi Arabiya and Qatari's AL Jazeera MSM media propagandists.

More about this devastating news and the absence of action by the United Nations Mine Action Service in this report: Landmine Explosion Murders 2 More Syrian Kids; UNMAS Still Missing.

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The United Nations organizations are silent and when they speak they spread their venom against the Syrian state, they never accuse the terrorists of any crime, but God forbid the Syrian army goes after those terrorists the whole world will stand in solidarity with those terrorists, what about these children and these innocent souls slaughtered daily in Syria for the past full decade?!