Russia Picks Pilot City to Launch Two Cryptocurrency Agencies

4년 전

A city in Russia has been chosen as a pilot city to dispatch two digital money organizations, following orders by president Vladimir Putin. Courses will be offered where members can get testaments enabling them to participate in crypto callings and additionally figure out how to shield themselves from digital assaults.


Following a command by Russia's leader Vladimir Putin for cryptographic money controls to be finished by July of one year from now, Vladivostok was picked as a pilot city to dispatch two digital currency organizations, as per neighborhood productions.

One is a crypto-admonitory organization; the other is a crypto-investigator office. Victor Fersht, the executive of the Inter-University Center for the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Russia clarified, as cited by Prima Media:

A roundtable committed to digital money dialogs was held toward the finish of a week ago in Vladivostok to detail the plans for the two offices, the news outlet announced. The crypto-consultative organization will be situated in the fundamental working of the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES).

"A couple of months back I didn't hear anything about cryptographic money and did not know these words – blockchain, mining, bitcoins," VSUES chief Tatyana Terentyeva was cited saying. "Yet, now even President Vladimir Putin has set an undertaking to build up an administrative base for control in this circle." Noting that this presents new headings in the college's instructive projects, she accentuated, "this is currently topical, vital and opportune."



The Vladivostok crypto-consultative office will be the first in Russia went for giving counsel to subjects who need to work with cryptographic forms of money, Tass detailed. Fersht said that it will be built up by VSUES in conjunction with the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Primorsky Krai and the Federal Tax Service.

The office "will start take a shot at November 15 and will be interested in all, anybody will have the capacity to come and get exhortation," he noted. Also, there will be normal courses beginning on that day for individuals who need to work with cryptographic forms of money, for example, counselors and coaches, Fersht uncovered, including that:

The other office is "a pilot venture of Russia's first crypto-criminologist organization for the Far East in view of Interpol," Prima Media depicted. It will enable residents "to figure out how to shield themselves from counterfeit digital wallets, phishing locales, and programmer assaults," the production noted. As per Fersht, "if this task demonstrates [to be] fruitful, at that point amidst one year from now, this structure will join the government crypto-analyst organization."

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