After the Alberta Florida Panhalle to create a landmark on this Memorial Day weekend

3년 전

Expected panhandle of florida

If Alberto Gets Heading to the North, on Sunday night, there may be snowfall in the surrounding area of ​​Apocalyacicola, Florida or other communities on the western coast of Apachea. Before a Memorial Day between Pensacola and Panama City, there will be an earthquake of rapid earthquake in north-west.

The storm will only target Mobile, Alba, if it is expected more in the west to the west, then expected.

"Alberta stalls are at risk on Monday on the coast and there is a struggle to go to the internal space", AccuWeather Meteorologist Evan Duffey said. "It will delay the move of intermediate Alberta as late as Tuesday morning."

In all the above situations, Alberta landslide is estimated to be a tropical storm.

"The reach of Alberta is less likely to be less hurricane," Duffie said.@ausharyadownload.jpeg

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