The University of Otago copies and destroys a monthly menstrual magazine

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A student of staff from New Zealand's oldest university has been robbed overnight to seize and destroy every copy of the magazine, an example of menstruating over a cover that is terrifying "many people would be objectionable."

On Monday night the staff detained more than 500 copies of the critics of the student journal from the campus and dumped them in a big way.

Critical editor Joel McManus and his staff did not have a copy of any special mensuration problems and had no idea who they spent on Tuesday to use CCTV footage of the campus to identify who took them.

New Zealand skips Skype because they can not afford sanitary items

On Tuesday night, McManus learned through a press release that the University of Ottawa was behind the disappearance. The university's work has been criticized as "censorship" by the media voices of Macmons and prominent New Zealand.

"It goes against everything a university should stand for," said McManus.

"We are standing with the content of the magazine, and believe that it has touched a number of important issues of poverty and transit problems, as well as taboos about half the physical activity of the population."

The University's former students were also disappointed.

In a statement at Otago University, the projector Dave Scott Dendin called on the Public Library and Hospital to request the removal of the magazine from their foam because "the cover was objectionable to many people".

"It was an idea, correct or incorrectly, this action needs to be taken as a public place of the university, where non-students pass regularly".

In a further statement, the university decided to delete their position, explain the situation, "wrong", and "the actions that are brought here are regrettable." There is no official aspect of the university, however, in the original content of this week's magazine ".

McMonus said that critics decided to deposit the brain's matter after reaching Otago Women's + Club, to gain awareness of menstrual problems in the campus and to secure access to sanitary explosions and the high value equivalent of New Zealand sanitary materials.

This problem - has been read more than 18,000 times online - Where to find free sanitary products on campus, an article about the moon cup and personal stories about the students' personal stories.

University of Ot Otago University screengrab one of the abusive examples of front cover of critics photograph: Critic magazine

17 former editorial editors signed an open letter expressing their "deep concern" about the destruction of the newspapers.

Saskia Rushton-Green, freelance artist, who designed the cover of the mens of the sex-neutral man, said that the picture was considered as one of empowerment, this image gave the finger in spite of "perfect" feeling during their time.

"I've shed blood for one-third of my life and it's not interesting," Routon-Green said.

"This is an almost intrinsic verdict that sheds more blood than it."

Most New Zealand media have decided not to publish the critics' cover by reporting the incident.

The Otago Daily Times penneled the image of the menstruating person, such as New Joshua the New Zealand Herald.

This problem was visible only in the brain, because the staff cut a picture, as the new New Zealand radio
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