jeff bezos is becomes world's richest man by Amazon's ceo

4년 전

Amazon shares jumped 1.6 percent at the start of trading on Thursday, boosting the net worth of Bezos - the company's founder and largest shareholder - by $1.4 billion, according to Forbes, which tracks the world's wealthiest.
634634.jpg Inc (AMZN.O) Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has unseated fellow tech billionaire Bill Gates as the richest person in the world, profiting from the e-commerce company's meteoric stock rise to reach a fortune of $90.6 billion, Forbes reported. (Reuters)
The stock was up ahead of Amazon's second-quarter earnings report after Thursday's market close. Analysts expect the world's largest online retailer will report that its sales jumped 22 percent to $37.2 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

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Thank You!

Oh my god! My heart nearly skipped a beat when I just checked the Forbs list to see him at the top. $89.8 Billion net worth. Impressive much? :P

Thanks for this post brother! Don't lose hope, but knuckle-down and start grinding harder until things really start picking up!

I will support you with a boost on this post, because I'm proud of you for keeping things up, and for motivation to do whatever it takes.

Talk soon.


thank you bro for u support and bossing ...... u r so great


Only my pleasure brother. You deserve more support.

I would definitely say content is only a portion of success here on Steemit.. There other portion is marketing.. Getting yourself in front of new faces :)

By the way, I made my latest post :) Talk soon.

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good job friend