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Growing up through the years, we always consulted our best friend for every little thing, be it how to let your parents know about bad grades or dating advice. They have always had that special space in your heart that no one else can take over no matter how hard they tried. They are the ones who always advise you on texting your crush the fool-proof way.
The first thing all of us have to worry about after saying “yes” to our significant others is how their best friends are going to take this. Now, this shouldn't be too hard or scary if you guys were friends before and had the chance to meet their best friend (and even better, were friends with them too) before you started dating. But if that's not the case and you're properly meeting them for the first time after you guys started dating, it can surely be apprehensive for both the parties.
But when you start dating (hopefully the crush your best friends were helping to text!), the priority list seems to shift and you take up more space on your significant other's mind than ever before. Meeting their best friends turns out to be a major issue too because, till this day, they've only heard about you through their best friend and gave them advice based on that. Remember that if you're nervous to meet them, they're probably nervous to meet you too. Being yourself is the key point here because they want to know what sort of person you are. Try not to bring up embarrassing stories of them you've heard in an attempt to become too friendly, even though you're just trying to show that you were curious before you met them.

Now, there could be three outcomes that you have to embrace no matter how the meetup goes. One, they could actually like you and then you end up being really good friends who could help you with planning surprises and buying gifts and you can have your happily ever after with them included. Two, they could not like you and still be nice to you, at least as long as you date their best friend. The last outcome and the one that you really don't want is that they could not like you and doesn't try to hide it as well. These are the type of people who try to sabotage the relationship at the slightest chance by pointing out your flaws. But no matter which one they choose, don't blame yourself for that. They may have good reason to not like you, or they had different expectations that didn't match up.

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