test its 5G technology Apple gets nod to

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Millimetre-wave technology helps in larger data transmission at faster speed. But to allow such larger data transmission go through, a direct line of sight is needed.
Apple is set to begin testing its 5G technology after the US Federal Communications Commission approved its application to work towards bringing the technology to masses.
According to a report in Engadget on Thursday, Apple is targeting millimetre-wave broadband at higher frequency and smaller wavelength bands.
"Sprint is looking to launch its 5G service in 2019, while T-Mobile is shooting for 2020. AT&T and Verizon are making moves towards 5G networks as well," the report said.
According to media reports, it has been granted access to test its technology in two locations near its California offices until August 2018.

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Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/tech/apple-gets-nod-to-test-its-5g-technology/story-oCWYNI1QSfiyyE6PCBZTHN.html

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