American Senator reveals Bombshell Info re: Sryia & Russia Collusion Narratives

2년 전

If you don't believe the Deep State is real, this should be an eye opener for you. American senator Richard Black states the British spies in Syria were planning to commit a chemical attack to force Trump / Western .gov to go to war. The british spies got busted so their ISIS proxies committed fake chemical attacks which were used to justify the missile strikes last week.

Deep state actors in DOJ, FBI, State Dept., British Intelligence, & MSM are attempting a political coup against Trump and the people in government know this. Treasonous actors still hold power in these departments so prosecutions and public exposure isn't occurring. Deeply troubling information for all my American brothers and sisters.

Full video interview is below, please listen and share around. The quicker people understand this sort of Treason is occurring in real time the sooner we build up the voice to put an end to it.

The youtube channel also has some other very damning information revealing the depth of the deep state treason, well worth your time to view.

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Well summed up synopsis of the state of affairs.

Highly rEsteemed!


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