Kento Partido 'worried Mexico will be able to do!

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The fourth match in the last six World Cup, ie last 16 months. The eyes of Mexico 'Kento Partido' or fifth match. That is the turn of evidence today that their race is not the last 16

The whole of Mexico is obsessed with the match. Opponent Brazil, that's one reason. More than that, this match is the last sixteen of the World Cup. Repeated match to Mexico

From 1994 to this, until the World Cup in Russia, the pride of the team is only going to last sixteen - only two teams - today's match between Brazil and Mexico - Brazil and Mexico But in the last, six World Cups, Mexico had to stop in the last sixteen. The last sixteen means that the fourth match of any World Cup after the group stage. That's why, not before today's match, Mexico's obscurity has been named 'Kento Partido'. Bengal-fifth match! The coincidence of Mexican rage in 24 years. All in all 32 years of rape Mexico could never cross the last sixteenth century after their 1986 World Cup. The game was not held in the fifth match of the World Cup quarter-finals.

According to captain Andres Guardado, Mexicans will get the feeling, "There can be no better memory than making history in the fifth match of the World Cup. Considering the mentality of the players, now we are a different team. But we will evaluate whether we can surpass (last sixteen), on the basis of that. "There is no lack of motivation," What could be a big motivation rather than face the five world champions? It's the biggest match in our life. "

When the occasion is so big, I want big performance too. That's why the Mexican eyes will be on the old star-Haví's Chichitío Hernandez!

Age is no longer involved. Only 30 are running, but seeing Hernandez is considered to be the shadow of the 2010 World Cup. He was impressed by Hernandez's great performance in his first World Cup, and he took him to Manchester United, then United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The club and the club now turn to Hernandez's address West Ham, where there is a regular non-eleven, this is what he says about Hernandez. Yet he relied on Mexico Carlos Vella, one of the most experienced Mexican players in Hiervig Luzonos. His experience against a team like Brazil can show his way to Mexico

This World Cup has already got a goal. In the second match of the group against South Korea, he scored a milestone in the 2-1 goal by scoring a goal of 'Chicharito'. He got 50 goals (104 appearances) in the international match, the first Mexican he got.

Before leaving the "biggest match of life" today, Mexico is a little scared about breaking into the final match against Sweden in the last match of the group stage. Mexico lost 4-0 but Mexico lost in the other match, fortunately in the last sixteen Mexico came. Today, when the most difficult test of Brazil's name, Hernandez's mantra is saying, 'We are not just dreamers. He also worked hard to make the dream come true. We want to do the impossible to possible. '
Name of 'impossible'? That is, Kento Partido!

thank you for your time.

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