Messi-Ronaldo's Sex Life in the World Cup

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Football World Cup, worship for any footballer. Players are ready to discount anything for this. Even during this one month many people refrain from their sex life. Many are forced to do so. During the tournament, many team players can not come near the girls-wives. Including large teams like Argentina, Brazil and Germany. And those who have no lover or wife; They also do not have the opportunity to listen to the Russian-Nandini song "Sugar Go Sugi Too Ogo Foreigni". Most coaches have warned their players that nobody comes to play with Russian women in the game!

German coach Joachim Lau has given a break even though he is still very tight. As long as Germany remains in the World Cup, players will not have the opportunity to meet their friends and wife. This is a doubt about how much work this Germany has lost in the first match. It was a little more yesterday, when Germany went to the spotlight, from the whole tournament.

Argentina's federation was not only a player but also a sexual guide for their supporters. How to mix with Russian girls, they must be rolled-in all these things. Later, in the face of controversy, they had to apologize for it. But Messi is not staying with the wives. Messi's roommate? Sergio Aguero!

In spite of prohibiting the Brazilians, the feeling would not have been very profitable. There is no way to stop the Brazilian love band. Rather, the legendary Romario successor Gabriel Jesse has given tips to succeed, saying, 'Enjoy as much as you can.'


Iceland coach Haimir Hallgimson players have been banned in this regard, 'no' to the question asked. Iceland players are playing well. Nigerian coach Garnet Rour said, "Players must have the opportunity to spend time with the family before the match. Each will also have a separate room. But the association with Russian girls? No, no, no. '

Nigerian captain John Abraham does not read the ban in Michael. Mickael's long-standing partner is Russian. So Mickel got 'special permission' from the coach. The South Korean Federation is very harsh about this. They say, 'Clearly, as long as you can qualify for the regular knockout phase, forget about your girlfriend and wife. Bapu will not do this in the World Cup!

Cultural relationship with Costa Rica is not always negative, but it also brings positive results. During the 2014 World Cup, Costa Rican players were given full independence. They do not have sexual intercourse at this time, it is their case. There is no way to say how much this opportunity was taken; The matter is not at all convenient. But such independence gave Costa Rica a positive result. Costa Rica was one of the group champions in England, Italy, Uruguay, and World Cup champions.

In this World Cup, the instructions for 20 teams of 32 teams were found:


The use of sexual intercourse, drinking, and social media is absolutely prohibited


The botanists will have the opportunity to meet for a specific time


They can meet if there is a girlfriend or a wife, but no Russian girl can walk with


What is the direction of the players, it is not known. The situation is going on, these must have been on the mind.


Sex is not banned, but it can be seen only if you are a longtime partner


Players will have the opportunity to spend two nights in the entire World Cup with the spouse


Sexual intercourse is totally prohibited


According to the goalkeeper Rui Patrières's sexual expert, it is foolish to issue a ban. The result is understandable


Guys get the chance to stay in the 30-minute distance from the hotel


Although the 2014 World Cup does not have a ban, the coach Oscar Tabarz is strict


Rica: There is no restriction on the success of the 2014 World Cup

South Korea:

It can not be seen with the mate until the results are improved


Federation is not banned, according to the wishes of the players


Before the start of the World Cup, some players have been accused of sexually assaulting the entire ban during the World Cup


Players can sometimes contact the girl on the phone only


Players are completely independent Family and spouse-always invited


Not only welcome, players can also be part of team practice


Before the first match the players were with the family and the spouse


The 2014 World Cup is banned but it has been relaxed

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