VH1 LOVE AND HIP HOP |Maurice Fames AKA Mo has been ARRESTED for COVID-19 LOAN Fraud!!!


Maurice Fames AKA Mo has been ARRESTED for COVID-19 LOAn Fraud!!!


According to CNN the Love and Hip Hop guest star who was now about to be the ex of VH1 Karli Redd has now been caught by the federal government Maurice applied for a loan for 107 employees of his Flame Trucking Company he spent a whopping 1.4 million on Jewelry including a Rolex watch and paid $40.000 in child support.

Maurice was paid by the United Community Bank in the amount of 2.4 Million in late April. The loan proceeds were supposed to be used to maintain his trucking company and also pay mortgage payments for the offices. Fane is believed to knowingly commit fraud for personal gain and the greed he had for money in the time of COVID-19 there are many people waiting to be paid out that are a legitimate business who would have been better served with the PPP loan funds. Karlie Redd is going through a divorce just in time...


According to his attorney to sum it up Mo thought he could pay himself being he was the business owner, he will claim to be confused or not understand the guidelines According to Fan'sMaurice applied for the PPP loan claiming he had a lot of payrolls to pay of for his 107 employees for his trucking company. United Community Bank funded the loan on April 15 according to the affidavit.


Arkansas Mo is about to be federal inmate Mo because he used this money and was committing fraud at the same time this is money set aside for real businesses, in a time of pandemic and national state of emergency why would you commit fraud?

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