How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument - Jordan Peterson

2년 전

Recently Jordan Peterson got into a "debate" with Cathy Newman of BBC 4. Their conversation quickly turned frustrating which si why in this video, we're discussing how to handle heated, frustrating arguments in a way that is charismatic and confident - all courtesy of Jordan Peterson.

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Hey brother, this is amazing that you have joined dtube and steemit, first of all!

Second of all, your video just hits it on point! I was once in that situation too and it is really awkward, I have to say, but if you remain calm and tackle one point after the other then you can actually slowly solve the problem one by one rather than just arguing and screaming back :D Meditation actually helps with that :)

In this video, the association "manipulation", that's how I like to call it, is taking place. Meaning that, when one person has an opposite opinion of the other, that person is "the bad person" in their eyes. We are not mindful and we assume that this and that is wrong, even though, we all have our own perception, opinion and belief, but what we don't do is put ourselves in their shoes.

Thank you for sharing this with us brother :) And enjoy this awesome community!

Winny out...for now ;)

This is grand advice! Throughout my life I have instinctively tried to find that "common ground" and present myself to others as an ally, that I'm really not their enemy, even though I may disagree with them.

Common ground is important in that it shows the "opponent" in any disagreement that there is a commonality of humanness, and to me, that is the most important thing to do in this sea of identity politics we are all immersed in (among the western world, I should say).

Thank you for this beautiful video, once again you've won me over :)


Haha, glad that we wound up on the same side ;-)

And yeah, it's so easy to slip into "win" mode where you take someone's point apart piece by piece. Though it seems satisfying at first, you ultimately never get anywhere with that approach because people rarely change their mind. Taking the time to discover the common ground, even when it's not immediately evident, winds up being a much more effective way of moving through the world.


Me too!

Also, you inspired me to write this today

Thank you for that!

Jordan is one smooooth dude lol. Great analysis! Keep up the good work!

ps, please check out my channel if you like sadtrap music

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a very interesting discussion and a good lesson. Thank you very much

This advice was so good I took notes. Also welcome to DTube! Glad you decided to come over, subbed immediately :D

@charismaon great to have you here. More and more youtubers coming to Dtube. I love it that your now posting on Dtube as well. Normally i would go to youtube just to see your videos. Now i can stay on steemit platform! Will be supporting u from the start to create a great account aswell here in dtube and steemit! @Bartcardi

Please upload your Videos first on DTube.
We will honor your outstanding projects.

A long time follower on youtube.

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Great analysis of Jordan's response to Cathy. I think perhaps one of the reasons he didn't address her 'deeper questions' is perhaps because she was unwilling to go there. It would have been obviously fantastic if he were able to do that, but I think he did really well considering the time that was allotted to them and the combative stance she assumed right from the beginning. I think he was also probably searching for a win and felt somewhat vindicated when finally she was stumped.

From remembering H3H3's interview with him a few weeks later he recalled how 'bait-and-switched' he felt. Apparently she was lovely backstage then turned on him as the interview started. This would explain why he was so taken aback to begin with, then started 'sparring' with her as they got on with the interview some more.

All in all however - great analysis dude! Really enjoyed it and hope it will help me in my work and interactions with people!

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I instantly thought of your channel, when I saw this meme :D

duude I love your videos on YT. Grand to see you here <3

Regarding this interview. Saw it last week... I think I have never facepalmed myself so much. The way she was twisting his words is an art in itself xD

cool to see youtubers try dtube dude. just checked your youtube content too, interesting stuff :D