July is Important Month for Turkey and Turkish Lira


Turkey's central bank chief was dismissed by the President of Turkey. The President Erdogan said that the chief did not lower interest rates despite our warning. And The President did what he want. It is the first time in history a President of the Republic of Turkey was dismissed chief of Central Bank. Thank you president. You always think your people. :)

S-400 issue is a very important issue for Turkey. United States does not want Turkey to take the S-400 from Russia. Because US is so clever. They can sell Patriot. We hope S-400 will come to Turkey in this week. Therefore few US sanctions will apply against Turkey.

Trump would visit Turkey in July under normal conditions. But therefore it is not clear when he will come.

Towards the end of this month, the Central Bank will decrease interest rates.

Warships await in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkish soldiers hunt for terrorist in Syria. There may be a war between the US and Iran.

Ekran Resmi 2019-07-08 23.12.03.png

I am looking for an upside attack on USD currency. I hope we get through this period in the best way.

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