Compilation of Important Links Provide A Wider View Of The Covid Agenda Being Rolled Out Behind The Scenes While More Draconian Measures Are Enacted

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Whats it all for? The simple answer is power and control.

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This is how the parasitic controllers of society plan to use blockchain technology which is linked to smartphone apps, digital currency and CV19 tests to determine if an employer should hire people. If people don't confirm and comply with the testing and tracking when they apply for a job then they will not be able to find a job with companies that use this invasive technology....and the controllers plan on making most major US companies use it. It is a form of draconian control and they are planning to roll it out across the entire USA. Note that the app making company is also the same company that makes the indicator that this was all planned well in advance of the CV19 agenda rollout. Those that do not conform and comply will simply be shut out of the system and may well end up having trouble finding a job and keeping a roof over the heads of their families and food on the table.

The following video shows that schools in California are already planning to roll out this entirely invasive technology.

They....the parasitic global elite.... created the Problem. They controlled the Reaction. They now provide the Solution. The strategy is called Hegelian Dialectic. To attain a predetermined outcome all they need do is implement Problem-Reaction-Solution while keeping the people divided and conquered, and establishing Order From Chaos.

COVID-19 death rates in the United States as of August 7, 2020, by state. As of August 7, 2020, there have been around 160 thousand deaths related to COVID-19 in the United States. That's even with prior comorbidities and falsely inflated mortality rates. The death rate from COVID-19 in the state of New York is 168 per 100,000 people. New York is one of the states with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. These number prove the CV19 scare and the restrictions put in place do not even come close to pandemic status, and instead are more closely aligned with the numbers from a normal flu season.


Videomaker has chronicled all the main articles and scientific studies over the last five months that prove the coronavirus numbers to be inflated and fraudulent. Proves officials have been lying about CV-19 numbers and that lockdown was never necessary.

Australia: Victoria Police hand out 176 fines for breaching coronavirus directions

Workers who are caught travelling to or from work without their papers face on-the-spot fines of up to $1652. Dramatic footage has emerged of a Melbourne mum being pinned to the ground by three police officers after she allegedly broke lockdown rules.

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Meanwhile, social media giants in lockstep with the WHO and WEC are censoring information that would derail their nefarious agenda.

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Dan from Liberty Academy provides a more in-depth view.

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Video reveals Covid 19 vaccines from US funded pharmaceutical companies will be filled with recombinant RNA (lab made generic material that would otherwise not be found in human DNA) that will alter the human gene sequence. This video is highly important as the corrupt controllers of society plan to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of these vaccines to the public.

According to a recent filing with the Justice Department's National Security Division (NSD) and pursuant to its Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the World Health Organization has filed a document outlining its plans to hire a public relations firm to seek out "influencers" to help rebuild trust in the organization that has been lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image from link:

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Easily verifiable evidence provided via the CDC's own website shows that nationwide the mortality rate for CV19 continues to massively decline from the peak in mid-April while the mainstream media fearmongering and government draconian measures continue to be ramped up by pushing the narrative that more people are testing positive for the virus (they have quit talking about death rates), even though millions of people are now revealed to be asymptomatic and the virus/antibodies tests pick up prior coronavirus exposure. Even the mortality rate itself has been proven to be easily manipulated due to the U07.1 classification which allows hospitals to declare a patient as having "presumably/probably" died "with or from" CV19 with no virology/serolgy testing and multiple prior comorbidities, as well as the financial incentive via the CARES ACT which allows hospitals to receive a 20% funding increase for patients listed as having CV19 (note that payment increases are possible without any testing due to U07.1 coding). All the above information can be verified via the CDC's own website and the official CARES Act.

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Screenshots from the CDC website show how the loophole can be used to inflate the mortality numbers. Essentially people can be dying entirely of something else and be listed as having died "presumably or probably"- "with or from" CV19... and the hospital then automatically receives an additional 20% increase in federal government funding.

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Additional screenshot showing how the workaround can be utilized...

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One more showing flu/pneumonia listed in conjunction with CV19...Notice the ambiguous U07.1 coding through the headings which allows for stating having died from CV19 without conducting virology/serology testing. People who had regular flu and pneumonia can be placed in this category.

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The above screenshots show how the numbers can be manipulated in order to carry out more draconian measures that further lead to the loss of citizens rights. Previous I put together a similar post showing the mortality rate numbers declining while the authoritarian/draconian measures are ramped up further by government officials.

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