Excellent Post on Reddit Nails The Elite's Divide And Conquer Agenda And How They Use Identity Politics Against The Public

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Just wanted to share a really good post I just came across. It carries an important message. All credit for this post goes to poster "Guitar0622" posting at reddit Conspiracy. The link to their original post is at the bottom of this post.

Here's what they posted...

I have been researching politics and tech all my adult life, and I am very much a history buff, and also not to long ago got into conspiracies (a bit longer ago but not that deeply while recently I paid more attention to shady events in geopolitics).
I have realized that the favorite method of the Elite to control the population is called: Divide & Conquer. The phrase itself originated from Julius Caesar, when he conquered Gaul by pitting small tribes against eachother and promising each of them protections, while betraying them as soon as their usefullness ended, in order to gain control of the entire area. Of course the concept itself can probably date back to the dawn of human civilization, because it was always being used to control the masses for tens of thousands of years.

The Divide & Conquer tactic is now rebranded as Identity Politics, and instead of the Elite hiding their intentions, they actually embrace it now, and normalize it. In the past they had to rely on secret conspiracies to control people, today, since they grown so bold, they do it out in the plain open, and it makes it seem like it's a totally normal activity. They have so much power now with modern technology, that they don't even need to hide it anymore, so since they can control perception, and perception controls reality (like Orwell warned us), they can make it look like the Divide & Conquer tactic is completely normal and trendy, and all the gullible sheeps should just view it positively because why not.

When you have no morals and principles, and have a nihilist world absent of any kind of virtues, people will desperately search for any kind of meaning in their lives, so they with find meaning in some kind of abstract/constructed identity that the Elites put forward to them. So society balkanizes itself into these small tribes of identitarian groups, each thread being controlled by 1 faction of the elites, and all of them pitted against eachother, viciously fighting eachother on superficial issues, but in reality nothing is happening. Kind of like how in Orwell's 1984 the battlefronts were all faked, that is basically what is happening here. Fake battles, fake conflicts manufactured to keep the population divided and in conflict with each other while the elite is getting away scott free with all their dirty deeds.

For example the most well known identity groups and dimensions used are:

Man vs Woman
Gay vs Straight
Black vs White
Christian vs Atheist / Christian vs Muslim / Christian vs Jew ....
Old vs Young
Rural vs Urban
Left vs Right

We all know how they use this. This doesn't mean that these groups don't exist, because they apparently do, and yes there might be real conflicts between them, but while the conflict could be naturally solved, the Elite's just pour gasoline on the fire, and intensifies the conflict, because it's not in their interest for conflicts to end and people to live in peace and unity. The Elite's are warmongers and if peace were to happen, they would lose all their power, it's as simple as that. The Elite's draw their powers from conflict, and they must keep these groups in conflict forever, funding both sides and inciting both sides against each other.

There are also fake groups that they setup like the entire gamer vs feminist conflict, which is just such a worthless topic, yet all of Youtube is full of this. It's just complete distraction and cramming people into fake groups, fake realities, where they can be controlled like puppet dolls.

Simply put the Elite's goal is to atomize society as much as they can, and make everyone into a self-centered narcissistic/nihilistic individual who is completely apathetic to anything that goes on around him, and just focuses on his own miserable life, and participates in society only in a superficial way.

That is why you have Facebook, which is called a "social media" but it's the most anti-social thing imaginable. People wasting there their entire lives, pushing like buttons that have been pre-engineered to give you a dopamine hit, make you addicted, and spend your time on that worthless platform watching ads, spending money on virtual items, and consuming the garbage political manipulative propaganda they shove in there. How miserable of an existance is that, when you have billions of people doing this. The "friends" that you have there, couldn't give any crap about you, and while you are obsessed with these imaginary creatures, you neglect the real friends and real family in your life that would matter.

So the Elites tear society apart, tear communities apart, tear families apart, and recostruct them in their own image. In the image of an unstable society full of conflict, some real some manufactured, while they run the show, and people would be too dumb and distracted to even notice it, let alone oppose it.

You have to give credit to them, they are really really smart, and they have certainly learned from history, while we the people haven't. They have perfected their control scheme by learning from the past mistakes that they did that almost cost them their thrones, but now with the digitalization of the world, they have a lot more power than they ever had, and it's not going to go away anytime soon, if at all.

So watch out for these manufactured conflicts that they shove down your throat in the media all day, it's just a show. All of it is fake and worthless, and it's just a complete distraction from real world events. They will invent all kinds of fake divisions to divide us, by any means possible, and turn us against eachother.

You can talk about and you will hear about all kinds of manufactured groups, the only ones they will not allow is to make a distinction between the Elite vs The People . That is not allowed, that is offlimits. So the media will talk about all of these fake groups, but they will never talk about the actual division by which we are really divided, namely the power of the Elite and how they wield it. You will never see people talk about that on the media, never.

In fact in the Elite vs People category, the Elite doesn't even want to stand out as a separate entity that controls us, they want to blend in. So they want to make it look like all the fake divisions exist except the real division which separates us, which is them. The Elites will blend in well into society and they make it seem like they are like us when they aren't. This is quite ridiculous, like you see Elite's like Zuckerberg, Gates or Musk act like total hipsters, who are just like you guys. You know Musk is a cool guy who smokes weed and talks dirty, a completely cool guy, but he is also working on mind control technology, but just forget about that, just remember that he is hip. Gates is a respectable philanthropist and software guru, but he just happens to have built a complete surveillance system and also the atrocities that he did with the vaccines in India, but just forget about that sheep. And I better not even talk about Zuckerberg.
This is the blueprint for total enslavement, I am telling you!

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