Propaganda Barrage: ABC News Caught Using Video From Knob Creek Machine Gun Event in 2017 And Describing It As Footage From Syria in 2019

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Link to Twitter videos showing ABC deception:

White Helmets Exposed Twitter Feed -

Link to story:

Link to Knob Creek Kentucky Machine Gun night shoot video from 2017:

Link to original Twitter account that posted article:
Video Backup links to footage released by ABC as video from Syria:

You Tube backup of original ABC propaganda video:

Screenshot from Twitter account and video:

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 1.22.04 PM.png

Streamable backup of ABC deceptive propaganda video:


Here's who ABC has been promoting. They are on the side of the terrorists. In my opinion this is the biggest story there is. US mainstream media is on the side of al-Qaeda and US mainstream media is run by 5 companies all owned and operated by Zionist Jewish millionaires. Thats why Hollywood, also run by Zionist Jews, gave these al-Qaeda jihadists an Oscar and a Netflix special. Its all for Israel. America is being used.

Tapestry of Terror - White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS

Exposing the White Helmets : Collated Video Evidence of Terrorist Collusion - Over 50 Video Clips

Full confirmation and link to Tweet/article:

Images from links above:

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Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 3.03.38 PM.png

Keep in mind that the American people are victims in all this too, victims of this deception which is orchestrated against the American public on behalf of a select few elitists and Zionists who control US government policy and who the mainstream media really works for.

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I am very glad you're digging into the details of how the Zionazis are abusing naive Americans to commit mass murder. I am left unable to explain one particular group's involvement: Kurds. Once again, for the eighth time now, the Kurds have been called ally by the US and then abandoned to suffer assault in positions that made sense when the US was on the team, but that leave them horribly vulnerable without that ally.

I just don't understand how they could fall for it over and over again. It reminds me of the Charlie Brown cartoon and Lucy holding the football.


No surprise there. The truth has taken a wrecking ball to their schemes in the last year, thanks to the hard work of you and others, @clarityofsignal. Working on a piece or two that coincide with your message. Should have one up today.

Good to see a timely reminder of the activities of those friendly well financed moderately head chopping Oscar winning terrorist folks at the White Helmets.