The Coronavirus Global Rollout Sure Does Pay Off Like Gold For The Ruling Elite, Doesn't It? :)

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The Coronavirus global psyop, err rollout, sure does pay off like gold doesn't it? :)

Brexit appears cancelled as 'coincidentally' both the EU and British negotiators have come down with the unfortunate timely disease at the same time as Boris Johnson. That was coincidentally unlucky for sure.

Then there's the coincidental rollout of 5G with no checks on health risks signed and enacted this week. Just another coincidence. Link to US Congress 5G Act rolled out on March 23rd, 2020 during Coronavirus lockdown and for next 180 days.

And then theres the authoritarian draconian lockdown measures the folks are falling for.... Of course the police....errrr Order From Chaos Freemasons.....only have our best interests at heart. :)

And of course those billion dollar bailouts for the corporate and banking corrupt Global Elite can't hurt a thing, can they? Did I say billions....ooops, I meant trillions. Thats a thousand times more per billion! :) It's all good... particularly when one considers it moves the publics attention off their murderous wars, their constant terrorist support, their White Helmets and Ukrainian Nazis, their Russigate psyop, their Ukraine/Biden issues, their failing divide and conquer agenda, their flooding of Europe with refugees, their Israeli influence peddlers, their unraveling false flags.... might even get a new digital currency out of it and mandatory vaccinations. Yep, it definitely brazenly ticks all the boxes. Heck it even gets to weaken and destroy the middle and lower classes of society in the process. I wonder how many people will die from that? Maybe Madonna knew something last spring when she cheekily sang "Not everybody's coming to the future". You think that Israeli flag at the end of that Satanic stage set performance at Eurovision was just another coincidence? :) They sure do know how to mock the sheep they are herding. Thats for sure. :)

Sadly, coincidentally, Tom Hanks and Boris Johnson have also fallen ill to the dreaded mingy, red dot thingy that the media, Johnny Hopkins and the gullible, fearful nationwide Facebook nannies are so fond of.

No wonder Tom was in Terminal... Tom Hanks Says "America is Closed"

More draconian measures soon to come....

Meanwhile, enjoy your lack of pay and inability to feed yourselves and your children and when its time to go on a trip make sure you and your kids have Bill Gate's recommended version of Coronavirus vaccine in your blood. It might work well with all that 5G radiation emitting from their school antenna. Don't forget your certification. :)

CBS Sacramento - Cell Tower On School Campus Suspected Of Causing Students’ Cancer Removed

Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer

Video: You Can't Travel Without a "VACCINE CERTIFICATE" - Bill Gates

That virus sure is convenient for the corrupt ruling Elite and their CFR media minions isn't it. Yes sireee it sure is. :) Welcome to New America. Now ya know how the Soviets, the Nazi's, Mussolini did it. Enjoy that propaganda! Its sure good for your mind! :) And don't thank Israel.....whatever ya do....don't thank Israel.

Funny, didn't the world get shaken around this same time 100 years ago when the corrupt Elite Cabal rolled out their monetary system and used massive wars, psyops and distractions to fool everyone to accept it? Must be nice to be at the top eh? Hows that working out for those at the bottom 100 years later?

Let them eat cake!....alone in their houses.

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