Verifiable Scientific Evidence from the CDC's Own Website Proves that Coronavirus Deaths Continue to Massively Decline for the 13th Straight Week in a Row while the Mainstream Media Fear Propaganda and Government Draconian Measures Increase

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Verifiable scientific evidence from the CDC's own website proves that coronavirus deaths continue to massively decline for the 13th straight week in a row while the mainstream media fear propaganda, government and corporate draconian measures continue to rapidly increase in contrast to such. Their "New Abnormal" makes no sense in light of the scientific evidence presented. Thus, bringing into question why they are pushing infection rate numbers rather than actual deaths now from CV19. Alas, their death rate numbers are actually well proven to be fraudulent in many aspects also due to the way they are categorized under "presumed and probable" due to the conflated and rather ambiguous U071 coding that states an assumed CV19 death can be recorded with no serology/virology testing, even with patients with multiple prior comorbidities. The evidence is clearly presented at their own site.

Official link to CDC Coronavirus death rates and listing of death circumstances. It's time to question more what its really all for...

U071 coding states that a "presumed" CV19 death can be recorded with no serology/virology testing, even with patients with multiple prior comorbidities. This is the loophole some health care systems are using in order to inflate numbers and possibly receive extra CARES Act money.

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Presented below are examples of inflated and misreported numbers due to the "Probable/Presumed" loophole, as well as other examples of misreporting truthful CV19 numbers. These stories and the reported numbers do not take into consideration false positives and improper testing which may explain also the highly inflated numbers in recent weeks while CV19 deaths nationwide have declined.

Excerpt: DENVER (KDVR) — Nearly 300 fewer people have died directly from COVID-19 in Colorado than originally reported, after the Colorado Department of Health and Environment changed the death statistics Friday.

CDPHE now reports that as of May 9, 878 people had died “due to” COVID-19 and 1,150 people have died “among” COVID-19 cases.

“We have been reporting at the state, deaths among people who had COVID-19 at the time of death and the cause of that death may or may not have been COVID-19,” Dr. Eric France, CDPHE’s chief medical officer said Friday. “We started to hear stories about ‘are these correct or are these incorrect?'” France said.

WFLA News Florida: Reporter states that every single person they tested was listed as positive.

Philadelphia Inquirer -

Excerpt: HARRISBURG — Twice in the last week, Pennsylvania’s official COVID-19 death count spiked.
Then, on Thursday, the number plummeted.

Officials from the state Department of Health provided several justifications for the fluctuations, citing technical issues, lengthy investigations, and the addition of “probable” deaths — those considered to be caused by the coronavirus but without confirmation from a test.

Steve Eager of Fox4 Dallas : The State of Texas today had to remove 3,484 cases from its Covid-19 positive case count, because the San Antonio Health Department was reporting “probable” cases for people never actually tested, as “confirmed” positive cases.- TDHS
What other departments make this same mistake?

News4Jax - More than 450 labs are reporting 100 percent positivity in state's latest coronavirus case report

The link above is to a highly revealing must-watch video. County Commission in Collin County, Texas on May 18th, 2020 reveals how "probable cases" are now being classified as Covid positive cases. They provide 15 different variations on how a person can be classified as Covid positive. Discussion starts at the 16 minute mark in the video at the link. Looks like they are just labeling everyone who had contact with one person as Covid positive. The new criteria seems to be expanded on purpose to inflate the numbers. At the 25 minute mark, a commissioner points out that the revised CV-19 classification standards are now set so low that anyone in the county with a cough can be classified as Covid positive. He states the whole county could be considered positive under these new government guidelines. At the 40 minute mark a commissioner points out that a person can now have a common cold and be classified as a CV19 statistic. The commissioners state that these false classifications will lead to a false narrative, more fear propaganda from the media and more public confusion. This video is a serious eye-opener as to how the numbers have been inflated. This is just one example of the many verifiable online postings I have been collecting in regards to the stripping away of Americans rights. (Feel free to copy/paste and share to other groups.)

Additional images from the CDC link shows how Flu and Pneumonia are also categorized in conjunction with CV19.

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