Knicks Star Enes Kanter In fear of His life from Turkey President

2년 전

Washington post reported Koshogi was killed in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey a few months back. Turkeys president and government exposed the situation for what it was. They said he was likely killed by the Saudi Arabian hit men in the consulate. 

Its ironic that Enes Kanter is from Turkey. The same country that exposed what happened to Koshogi. The president of Turkey has a personal vendetta against Enes Kanter and he is in fear of his life. He does not want to travel to his home country because the President and other government officials have not been happy with his assessment of Turkish government policies. Turkey is another country that suffers from a very limited amount of free speech (probably none at all). Its very hypocritical that Turkey is the country that exposed Saudi Arabia for its human rights violation, and murder. Turkey has some bones in the closet as well lets not forget that.

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