Vermont heroin abuse crisis?

2년 전

Vermont is very similar to Utah. Two states without a major city. Large white populations. Major drug addiction issues. With the lack of exposure to diversity, issues with incest, sexual abuse in the home, and rampant racism. These are among some of the cause and effect of the lack of cultural depth and American life with a lack of substance. The helter skelter life style, constant paper chasing, and fear monguring of the media through television sets, that dont set the moral foundation for proper growth and development for young children into adult hood could be part of the problem as well.

This is the dirty little secret that's being kept quiet by the media in these two states. These are states that because there is no real chance for advancement financially, and no industry to attract working people to create competitiveness there is a lack of diversity in the community and job force. This creates a false exclusionary behavior in the local white community called racism which is a mental disease. The exclusion of being cut off from different cultural diversity breeds the dysfunctional society of drug abuse, and sexual abuse. But no one is talking about it.

The media should study what happens in American states where there is a lack of diversity, cities with no opportinities to attract hard working inovative people of different cultural backgrounds to shape the next level advancement of society through sciene and technology. The end result without these social stimulants could be states where the white population is too high and there would be a higher percentage of drug abuse, racism, incest behavior caused by a inclusiory behavior, and societal depression.

Keep a watch on these states and what happens to them if the lack of diversity continues.

Currently Whites make up 94% of the population in Vermont.



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