Why are African Americans accomplishments hidden in America

2년 전


Why is there so much hidden and not talked about in American history about the many contributions that African Americans have made to Americas growth?

America has perpertrated systematic racism against African American people because we are the lowest hanging fruit, the easiest to identify, and the easiest to associate negativity to in a country where we are out numbered and disenfranchised.

The systematic issue is that the news media which is such a powerful medium in America, and throughout the world America is a trend setter for music, and culture. How could the word nigger be used in other countries if not learned from American tv or imported from American culture by white Americans traveling to these countries to teach racism.

What you see is the teachings of Willie Lynch at work today alive and well. Thats why America (white media) does not talk about or teach (American education system) about the accomplishments of African Americans and how we have contributed to the growth and development of America.

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