WikiLeaks Releases Paid Clinton Speech Excerpts, And Threatens To Expose Google

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Hillary Clinton transcripts: WikiLeaks posts apparent excerpts from private Wall Street speeches

Wikileaks has dumped thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, which includes apparent excerpts from Ms Clinton’s paid, closed-door speeches to Wall Street executives after leaving her position as Secretary of State.

In the excerpts, flagged in a 25 January email, Ms Clinton apparently suggested that Wall Street insiders were best qualified to regulate the banking industry and also included her apparent admission of the need for money from banking executives for political fundraising.

The group posted more than 2,000 emails on Friday evening, claiming they came from an email account belonging to Mr Podesta. Wikileaks promised to continue publishing emails from a trove of more than 50,000 emails obtained from a hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) this year.

The release of the emails follow the US government officially accusing Russian operatives of performing the hack of the DNC and other organisations to influence the 2016

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Julian Assange warns WikiLeaks will expose Google as he promised to release 'significant disclosures' on company

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised 'significant' disclosures on subjects including the U.S. election and Google in the coming weeks as the secret-spilling group marked its 10th anniversary on Tuesday. Assange said WikiLeaks plans to start publishing new material starting this week, but wouldn't specify the timing and subject and warned that the so called 'October Surprise' may expose Google. The war between Assange and the tech giant started in 2014 when he wrote about the company in his book titled, 'When Google Met Wikileaks', according to Recode. 'Nobody wants to acknowledge that Google has grown big and bad,' Assange wrote in the book.
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I have been sifting through the emails all day - some boring and some confirming rumors we have heard.

  ·  5년 전

Firstly I always thought computer hacking was like actually a like real Federal crime?

OK so it is not like murder or treason but is it not actually like totally against the law?

I am gonna hire a Uhaul and drive down Mexico way and load up some hooch and see what happens when I get back to the border crossing . . .

Truly if prosecutors are not investigating these domestic terrorists then those federal attorneys are shirking their sworn duty ! ! !

It is irrelevant if they are breaking into whomever servers, they need to be identified, found caught and sent to the torture camps for some ' reeducation ' by american " heroes " . . .


Wow, people like you really exist ?
These "domestic terrorists" have exposed massive corruption, years of crimes, implications in murders/bribery and proof of Clinton signing off on things like arms deals with isis..

You're actively calling for the capture, torture and brainwashing of another human being, for trying to educate you about reality.

I cant even.. I'm just gonna mute and move on.

  ·  5년 전

LOL your a funny person :)

To think there is anything different between two sides of one Cancer is about as smart as believing the trash the media spew forth each day ; )

Will you ever see and realize what years of brainwashing have done ?

Probably not : )


Erm i dont think there is a difference, the political systems of most countries are simply theatre to give the weak illusion of control for sheep. Not sure what you're even saying to me, besides vague and incorrect assumptions

  ·  5년 전

All I am saying is control of information is power. We are how many weeks out of the election ? The general public have the attention span of a ADHD sufferer and the long term memory of a gold fish. The chances of this information just being discovered and released this close to the election? Without some sort of manipulation of the timing? It is more likely that a single person could buy Mc Donalds or Coke Cola or KFC for one million dollars . . .

It is inconceivable that after all the time toward the election fresh information is suddenly being found virtually within days of final voting. The two parties are exactly the same, they work together to share electoral votes by keeping the largest market share of domination under their own direct control. Neither Donny nor Hilz has any intention of doing anything except organizing photo opportunities, telling the story their handlers assign them to broadcast and awarding and rewarding their key supporters with rewards : )

Donny has been running for the White House since 2011 and Hilz has been sloughing at the public money trough for decades, how does someone go bankrupt so many times it makes them a multi-billionaire ; ) You can bet on one thing if Donny wins the Oval Office he will be in the lead truck that rolls up to the back doors of Fort Knox ! ! !


Why do so many people think Julian Assange is from the US?

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