Altered States of Misinformation #NEONREVOLT #CIAGLOW #FreeTheBoomers DefNews 4/9/2019

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We we look at the happenings in the world right now there are a many. Julian assange is about to get booted, there is an election in israel. Barr's going to drop the report in just a few days. This are ripe for changes and I'm already looking for whats really going down. we did this thing yesterday called VQC to build something. I seemed to have worked but the implication on RSA and the internet are vast. This is the thing that made Notch from minecraft go Qanon and get removed from the game. I figured it was worth and look and right now the stakes never seemed higher. Even now the Neon Revolt is pumping every last bit of propaganda to try and rouse the few remaining of the misfit cult horde. I think dank meme trading company on friday will be lit and the Maga coaliation is still pushing hard for the final end of qanon.


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