Parcels sent to Pentagon test positive for ricin + Ted Cruz Attacked

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Col. Robert Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, said the FBI took ownership of the bundles on Tuesday afternoon and could run additional evaluations. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency on Monday discovered a questionable chemical on two envelopes in a mail centre on Pentagon grounds in Northern Virginia, the officials stated. Federal police are exploring mail delivered to senior Pentagon officials who is thought to include the toxin ricin, officials said Tuesday. "We're keeping our vigilance for many bundles coming into not only the Pentagon but centers globally," a defense official said, referring to the condition of anonymity to describe precautions taken from the army. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ricin is a naturally occurring byproduct when castor oil is made of castor beans and could be in the kind of a pellet, mist or powder. It's ordinarily dangerous only if used within an intentional assault, the CDC website states. "All [U.S. Postal Service] mail received in the Pentagon mail screening facility is under quarantine and poses no danger to Pentagon employees," Manning said in a statement. An FBI spokesman said that the envelopes were"now undergoing additional testing." No one has been hurt in the mail center, which isn't a part of the primary Pentagon construction.

At least two people were rushed to the hospital Tuesday after seemingly being exposed to a'white powdery substance' in Senator Ted Cruz's office, officials said. A Houston Fire Department HAZMAT team reacted and said tests were negative for any hazardous substance.
The office is situated within a construction at 3200 SW Fwy. The 9th floor of the Phoenix Tower was evacuated--the evacuation order was later lifted.

Attempted assassinations.
Donald J Trump
Jim Mattis
Adm. John Richardson
Ted Cruz

-Pentagon intercepts apparent ricin attack in mail.

  • Protesters assault Rep. Andy Harris.
  • Hazmat team responds to white powder-filled envelope sent to Ted Cruz's Houston office.


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