With your mobile phone, you can be a content king



I must make one confession right now.

I barely use my laptop for steeming or trading or any activity really aside music production.

This was as a result of my previous laptop having a bad battery, but over time, I have found that I work alot faster, better and smoothly when posting with my mobile phone.

Truth be told, a phone can either be a device for calling or a full on business workstation, depending on how you decide to see it.

In the just concluded SIN2 event, one thing that resonated with me was when guest speaker @chrisani spoke about using your phone as a business hub.

I had long since known this and once practiced it, but hearing those words, it simply was a call that snapped me back to my senses.

I fully believe in the saying that "it is not about the gadget, but the person"

Indeed you can own all the gadgets in the world and still not do anything, but a smart entrepreneur with just a phone can connect billions together.

The advantages of a phone makes it an ideal business tool if you know what youre doing.

So find your mark, find your tool, use your phone and make waves for yourself.

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Indeed it's true that the mobile phone is a powerful device that can be used to connect billions of people, it can also be used in doing so many things like making money(that's most people's interest).

It has helped a lot of people achieve their dreams also.

I'm also a witness of what the mobile phone can be used for in terms of building brands


Glad you could use it to the fullest! Not many do, the fav site for most are Facebook and goal.com.

In my opinion, if out of 24hrs, someone spends substantial amounts of it on such sites, then they arent ready for business.


Lol, I guess so many of them aren't opened to few of the things we know, esp bout the block chain.

Others are ignorant to even make research on em, all they lazily do is to search 🙂"how to make money" then they leave when they are not happy with the answers given.


And the most popular one is falling for ponzi scam

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Did Atiku send you?

Since I came on Steemit, the functionalities of my phone has changed course. I used to focus on just Facebook and sports but now, all I do is BLOCKCHAIN