Growing Number Of Babies Being Born With Birth Defects Prompts Federal Investigation In France


A growing number of babies are being born in France with birth defects and it's fueling an increasing cause for concern; babies have been born missing hands, arms, or forearms.

Doctors and health officials have said that they don't know what is to blame for the birth defects, and it's been alleged that there hasn't yet been any link found between the cases of babies being born with defects.

Over the last decade, at least 13 children have been reported being born in rural areas of the country with either missing hands, arms, or forearms. According to the public health authority, Sante Publique France, there are over 150 babies every year that have been born with some sort of similar birth defect and disfigurement.

It's alleged that the issue was first reported around the village of Druillat in eastern France, after at least 7 babies had been born without hands, arms, or forearms, between the years of 2009 and 2014. All of those children that had been born with a defect had allegedly lived within a 17km radius of a village that's known for cultivating sunflowers and maize. After that, other reports surfaced of children from different regions also being born with similar defects.

Authorities insist that they've talked with the families, grandparents, visited the homes of the children, and determined that there is no environmental factor at play such as pesticides which is what some have already pointed the finger at.

Back at the beginning of Oct, authorities reportedly announced that they were closing the investigation because there was an absence of a hypothesis as to what could be the cause.

The investigation is back on now though. Independent investigations, such as those carried out by Remera, have alleged that genetic causes to the birth defects have been ruled out, along with possible links to medication, alcohol, or food, that might have been consumed during the pregnancies.

All mothers were allegedly interviewed with an extensive survey that asked them details about their lifestyle and the researchers reportedly found no connection, no common link between the mothers.

Some have suggested that the culprit might be agriculture, specifically the chemicals that are generously used, as there have been alleged reports about animals in village regions also being born with defects.

Parents are outraged, they want to know what the reason is for why their child was born without a hand or arm and now a federal investigation has been launched.

Public health officials in France now say that they are determined to find out what's wrong. “I want to know,” said Health Minister A. Buzyn, "I think [we all do]."

The question of whether pesticides and other chemicals might be to blame for birth defects hasn't only come up in France, but the issue has also surfaced in places like Brazil and Argentina as well.

People there have questioned whether agriculture has something to do with their birth defect rates, specifically pesticide use. They too have sought to have an independent investigation to find out why babies are being born with these birth defects.

With the new investigation that has been launched in France, environmental experts are now expect to be joining to help those health experts to try and determine a cause to the problem.

Recently, French authorities also decided that they would initiate at least a 3-month ban on a widely used pesticide, known as Metam sodium, after many people fell ill, including a great deal of farm workers. It's alleged that multiple outbreaks occurred because the pesticide had been improperly applied.


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the baby is so cute i like it very much.


This is so sad @doitvoluntarily , I really hope they find the cause soon! I had a sister born in the early 60s between me and brother that was born with no brain , the cause was later found to be Thalidimide pills(not sure on the spelling!?) that were given to all pregnant women kind of like a vitamin I guess, many babies were born with missing limbs as well. upped ewrlier by auto , now resteemed!💕💕💕💁

So sad to know about this...
Hope they find the root cause soonest possible!
The world is getting crazy.. nothing can be trusted

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@doitvoluntarily a sad news dear friend, however it is something that has been happening for a long time and usually the cases occur in the regions far from the city, I think it has to with the chemicals that are put on the ground to maintain planting , then the foods absorb all those products and the igau to the water that they consume in those places.
Many thanks to give us this news
I wish you a good start