Sex Trafficking Busts Ramp Up

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In a variety of states right now they are ramping up their sex trafficking investigations. This is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world and it needs more police attention than it is getting.
It is a serious issue that many want to address, one that easily grabs support from either side of the aisle.

In places like Ohio they are searching for new missing children who are believed to have been forced into the industry. In Kentucky, and other regions, they've got a growing number of criminal human trafficking cases that they are bringing forward to court now.

There are some anti-human trafficking social media efforts that are growing, with tags going viral like 'SavetheChildren' and 'SaveOurChildren' which while helpful to raise awareness, are also a bit confusing for the formal international humanitarian organization by the same name.

That organization, Save the Children, has been working behind the scenes to address this issue for years. And while they appreciate the efforts trying to bring attention to this issue, sometimes there might be the worry that they are sharing inaccurate information about the industry and threat itself.

More Likely To Be Forced Into Trafficking By Someone You Know
"Unlike the portrayal of a child being snatched by strangers in a van at the mall, most victims are trafficked by someone they know such as a friend, family member or romantic partner,... Sharing inaccurate information can cause unfounded panic within the community and cause survivors and victims of human trafficking to question if they truly are victims." - Rhonda Wurgler, founder of the Medina County Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Will Masks Pose A Risk for Increase To Human Trafficking?
Some say that the masks are going to pose a great risk for more children that might be forced into human trafficking, offering their kidnappers a better way to disguise them and transfer them from point to point without being detected. But prior to the mask rules they still had plenty of success finding victims without it.
It is impossible to know how many predators are out there, how deep the issue goes that needs to be address. And it's clear that there are hundreds of thousands around the world, who are steadily creating a demand for that criminal material that forces children to be victims to what could be described as pure evil.

Law enforcement need all of the resources that they can get to focus on this issue and find those children who have gone missing. Despite law enforcement ramping up their efforts as well, they've also made embarassing mistakes in the past even giving known predators plea deals or kidnappers and murderes less than 10 years behind bars. It is a system that too frequently lets child abusers go free so that they can harm more innocent victims. When you have people getting more time behind bars for growing cannabis, than they are for murdering or kidnapping someone then you know you've got a problem with your precious "law and order".


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