Survey Shows Half of Coloradans Have Suffered Mental Health Strain Over COVID-19

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About 40 percent of the people in Colorado who were surveyed, on how they felt about the current economic state of things, said that they are concerned they won't be able to pay their food, housing, or health insurance, in the coming year.
Forget thinking about buying extras, upgrading their living situation, or going on vacation, because millions are just worried about getting by right now with the basics.

For those who make less than $30k the number jumps to about 75 percent who are conerned about affording just the basics for themselves over the next year.
Those with higher incomes were found to be less concerned or experiencing less stress about the situation that has gone on this year, with the economic shutdown in many places. In some cases, there are some who are financially better off this year than they were in 2019. A variety of businesses grew during 2020, like startup toilet paper companies and pizza companies for example.

Between April and June of this year, it has been found that substance use, anxiety disorder, and other mental health struggles etc, have been increasing rapidly.
As people were separated from their friends, family, social circles, work, regular routine, it has been too easy to fall into a depression about the future state of things. Especially for those many who lost their jobs and are struggling financially right now, with some businesses that cannot even open yet for business. And top that off with the soul-sucking political puppet media charade that never ends which distracts from the good in life and fuels even more rage and depression, pessimism with so many.
With all of the chaos going on right now it's even more important to try and find ways to ease that mental stress and anxiety when possible. Whether it be with CBD, meditation, exercise, or some other useful tool.

For Colorado, which has some areas that are one of the more expensive places to live, about 1 in 5 people are worried about just affording food and rent right now.

Millions cannot afford to stock up on groceries and they certainly aren't prepared to handle any significant financial emergency.
For many, they are more concerned about their finances than they are about COVID-19 and it is those financial stress worries that keep them up worrying at night. And it is this sort of financial stress which has been shown to increase the risk of early death and suicide.
Researchers have suggested that certain actions can help to offset this, to fuel positive mental health such as choosing activities that are going to keep you moving forward. For example, taking the time to think of ways to have fun or help others.

They also found that 'social strain', which they describe as someone giving you criticism, making demands, or getting on your nerves, as having a significant correlation with mental health. Which means that people might be more likely during stressful times like this to be proactive in forming their social networks in such a way as to minimize their negative social experiences and get rid of people around them who prompt that 'social strain'.

For tools that might help cope with that negative stress, researchers have suggested:

  • keeping a schedule
  • telling yourself things will get better
  • distracting yourself with activities you enjoy
  • taking care of others


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It could also be Trump Derangement Syndrome! lol