Content Removed: When Evidence Becomes Illegal [VIDEO]


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How does 1984’s Ministry of Truth compare to the real suppression taking place in 2019? In light of Facebook’s banning today of Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and others labeled DANGEROUS, some may say Orwell fell short in predicting just how dystopian society could get.

Before the Christchurch victims' bodies were even cold, the Big Tech gestapo was sweeping in to censor all footage of the tragic mosque shootings. Under the guise of “respect for the families” and “it’s too violent to see,” to be sure, the nanny state carried out one of the most skeptical purges of information ever.

Within minutes, the horrific live-streamed massacre was all over the internet. Hours later, the files were nearly impossible to find (memory holed), sparking speculation and paranoia--were they hiding something? Do they actually want some people to believe it was faked?

As attempts to locate and analyze the video evidence failed, another question emerged: how free is the internet, really?

We’ve known for some time that the world wide web isn’t quite what it used to be---from Wild Wild West to Big Brother in just a few years---but the censorship agenda has ratcheted up to truly alarming levels recently, with many anti-war and pro-peace voices finding themselves banned and de-platformed (vaporized), often under the catch-all phrase “hate speech.”


“They just shut me down,” said Max Igan, noted Anarchapulco speaker, in our recent interview, “They’ve shut down my channel. I can’t upload for 3 months… because I… went through point-by-point all the things I found wrong with the Christchurch shooting.”

When did investigating crimes become a crime? We’ve seen it with Alex Jones, for example, who’s had his character assassinated by the lying mainstream media (Thought Police) for questioning Sandy Hook.

Max continued:

“They’ve set up a hotline, an ‘emergency’ hotline, after the emergency of course, where people can ring up and report what they think might be extremist activity. And what we’re seeing is an incredible amount of people ringing up and reporting channels like Vinnie Eastwood, who’s a truther in New Zealand. He said the police visited his home 4 times in 4 days from people reporting him for spreading ‘fake news’ about the Christchurch shooting.”

Watch the Full Interview Here:

Government’s propaganda and public gun confiscation is the real threat.

For Anarchast episode 456, Max Igan and I not only covered false flag conspiracies and heavy censorship in New Zealand and Australia, we also discussed the suspicious legislation and violent disarmament in NZ.

The fight isn’t over!

We’re still here in spite of the misinformation and shadowbanning, and just like cryptocurrency changed money forever, blockchain technology has the potential to liberate the internet. Countless new, alternative social media platforms are popping up every month as the human awakening seeks refuge and remobilization.

In truth, nothing can stop us. Every year, my faith in the potential of humanity grows as I meet more of the empathetic and enthusiastic freedom-lovers who show up to Anarchapulco, The World’s Premier Liberty Event.

Think for yourself, support each other, and stay vigilant.

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My curiousity is tweeked as to BitChute being banned in Australia. Is it at the DNS level (Dynamic Name Server)? It may be time for a decentralized DNS. 😎

Always enjoy your videos Jeff. It would be great if you could mention the Steem blockchain more often in your videos to remind people that Steem is an alternative to YouTube and Facebook platforms!