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Give it a name...Hypocrite-wits

Opportunist BS


I caught that image yesterday, but didn't save it - now I have, thanks for your timely reminder.

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Relevance: Hollyweird/Democrat Alliance, propaganda
Our Purpose

I'd feel remorse if I failed to leave you with a positive thought:

Imagine how entertaining the Democratic Party's primary is going to be with Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Warren and Kirston Gillbrand all bashing each other throughout the tedious process :-)

Last, but certainly not least: Oprah Winfrey endorsed Hillary Clinton - the woman who famously trashed her husband's outspoken victims, not the least of whom was Juanita Broderick...

OMG I hope this run for president BS runs out before it can pick up any momentum. What a slap in the face if she were to actually run. I lost all respect (if I really had any for her in the first place) when she blatantly turned her back and never spoke out at all after she visited the stadium after Katrina. Not one word on the military style encampment of 1,000's of people basically being held at gunpoint after the disaster. She is obviously bought and paid for!