Big Ruling: Look what happened when College Republicans fought back against crazed snowflakes

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Big Ruling:
Look what happened when College Republicans
fought back against crazed leftists

By Martin Walsh, Media Equalizer
College campuses have continued to be sanctuaries for left-wing ideologies that suppress conservative voices, but a new ruling could trigger a major swing in the pendulum.
On Thursday, Commissioner Thomas Rasch of the Superior Court of Alameda County ordered Berkeley By Any Means Necessary leader Yvette Felarca to pay former Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden $11,100 for filing a salacious civil harassment restraining order last year against Worden.

Rasch ruled that Felacra, an extreme leftist with a history of violent behavior, filed her restraining order in bad faith.
The judge ordered Felarca to pay Worden’s attorney fees, giving the College Republicans a major win after fighting back against this deranged leftist group.
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Those of you who have followed my Snowflakes Are Useful Idiots will recall that I reported on Felarca's troubles with police, and the lawsuit filed against her by the former Berkeley College Republicans president. Schadenfreude indeed, then, stems from this alt-left thug being handed her head by a California judge.

Well done, Sir!

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"Government-controlled schooling is essential to achieving the goals of Socialism."--Karl Marx, Communist Menifesto

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That woman doesn't look bright enough to clean rooms at Motel 6!


...and yet, California's Marxist school system lets this woman teach our children.


And she isn't atypical... another reason I homeschooled!!!


she might not be.
but her instructions are no where near that complex.


I probably shouldn't say anything- I couldn't make beds at Motel 6!