Today's Outrage: White People Trying to Eat Burger King Sandwiches with Chopsticks

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Some days I despair at the plethora of new outrages from unbelievably stupid, gullible snowflakes. Given that today's "liberals" (an insult to classical liberals everywhere) seem to be swallowing a near-endless parade of outrages, I have not felt compelled to write about them for a long, long time.

The Outrage du Jour in this piece from PJMEDIA's Jim Treacher [1], however, struck me as so unbelievable stupid I felt compelled to comment.

Check this out:

Before the Internet, angry people had limited options for complaining that every single thing in the entire world is racist. A crank with a grievance could yell at his (or her!) TV, or stand on a street corner haranguing passersby, or maybe start a newsletter, but that was about it. With the advent of social media and the 24/7 news cycle, such tiresome scolds can now attract a global audience just by whining about the most harmless things imaginable.

Yesterday I told you about the morons who are ticked off at a white lady for daring to open a Chinese restaurant. (Imagine that: Loving another culture so much that you're willing to take such an enormous personal and financial risk! The shame of it all.) Today's outrage is a dumb Burger King ad with a bunch of white people trying to eat a sandwich with chopsticks.

Seriously. That's what you're supposed to be upset about.

So, Comrades, to the dastardly crimes of:
* Wearing Dreadlocks While Not Haitian
* Disliking streets & sidewalks carpeted in human feces
* Using plastic straws
* Cultural appropriation
* Wearing a MAGA hat
* Advocating border security
* Opposing infanticde
* Professing Christianity
* Supporting historical statuary
* Opposing homosexual & lesbian marriage
* Being Jewish
* Driving a gas-powered automobile
* Flying anywhere
* Being born White
* Eating meat
* Expressing Patriotism and a few thousand other offenses,

You must now add

* Depicting hamburger being eaten with chopsticks.

What is the moral of this story? There isn't one...unless there's a Democrat at your door asking for your vote...

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