CNN reassigns Jim Acosta now that Biden is President


No matter where you stand on the political fence you are completely delusional if you think the same level of aggressive questioning by the press corps is going to happen to Biden and his press secretary. It is extremely obvious what side each network is on and depending on which of the networks you listen to (I hope it is none of them) you will notice that the only time that anyone ever got harshly criticized by the media for the way they question President Trump or his staff was when networks like OANN or Fox were accused of throwing softballs.


Of all the people that were involved in this week-in and week-out of attacks on the President and anything that he did, said or stood for, none was probably more outspoken than Jim Acosta. For many, including me, his behavior could be considered unprofessional at best, and self-serving grandstanding in order to promote his own career and book deals as worse.

Jim's very presence in a press conference guaranteed hostility and for the first time that I can remember in my life a reporter was actually banned from returning. This of course was quickly overturned and Jim returned a bit more civil, but still a bit of an a-hole for the most part.

Now that Biden is in the White House, CNN no longer need a hyper-aggressive person in the press conferences because it is really easy to ask questions of an administration that your network is going to support no matter what it is that said administration does.

CNN is probably the crème de la crème when it comes to partisan news outlets and while I will not care what their new White House correspondent has to say, I am quite certain it will be very friendly. Acosta is likely being removed so that CNN can claim this very different tactic in press conferences is happening simply because it is a different person - that because they are an obviously partisan hack news network.

This change in attitude will not be just on the part of CNN, but basically everyone else as well. I single him out because he is the most well-known of the lot.

Now, when Biden was on the campaign trail, which wasn't often, he would on occasion get a question or two from the media. These questions were almost always either extremely easy questions and if they weren't they were questions that were just completely ignored.


Then there was the time that a reporter asked him about the FBI seizing his son's laptop and not only did he not answer the question but he just walked away and pretended as though he didn't even hear it.

The mainstream media is going to have a very different attitude towards Biden and his press secretary (whoever that is, I'm hoping for someone that knows how to talk) and this would normally be something to laugh about, if it wasn't so sad.

A Cornell Law School professor named William Jacobson said this in an interview recently

"Media coverage in a Biden administration will have a consistent structure: Biden is responsible for everything that goes right, and Trump is to blame for everything that goes wrong,"

When Trump was in office the same thing was happening then as any good things were attributed to Obama.

Of course this will only be the case depending on the network because there is no objective media anymore as I have been saying for as long as I have been doing a blog. There is only activism. I expect this will continue. For me, I would like to see the conservative networks start to act like complete assholes in press conferences just so we can to continue to at least be amused by the media lies and see them from both sides.

There will be no shortage of dumb news in the following 4 years or any of the years after that.

At the moment less than half of Americans have any faith in media and only when you look at only conservatives, that number drops to 18%. I think that a lot of the first number is simply because the liberals have most of the media outlets on their side so they want it to be true rather than actually believing that it is.


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People need to stop reading their news... They're absolute trash.


i agree. I only peruse it to make fun of it. There isn't any sane, logical person out there that believes that CNN is actually reporting facts anymore.