The End of Water Rights, The Next Biblical Flood & One Treaty To Rule Them All

2년 전

IN HEADLINES: Water Rights vs. Right to Water.
Who gets water and what does it cost? Should it even cost anything?
A new report looks at what restricts access to water and the only real solution to address it.
PLUS, as floods continue to pound huge swaths of the US, here's another reason to fear the storm surge (hint: snakes!)

OUR INTERVIEW this week: Pia Eberhardt wants you to know about ECT - or Energy Charter Treaty, a trade agreement that encompasses almost 25% of the world's countries and is on the hunt for more. Here's the scoop and why we need to know, and care about it.

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Great episode Eleanor! Keep um’ coming.

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Capitalism in US has been dead for a very long time. Whatever you're describing in the video as capitalism, is in fact full blown socialism for "socialites".
Capitalism means EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, but in current "Western" system, often times you're tripping on every single regulation, before you even get a chance to make any money, at the same time, politicians, who STEAL from us the little money we're allowed to make, from the bottom 90%, to pay greedy corporations and their boards and fellas, to be so "kind" and open a subdivision around, free them of taxes, and pay them incentives. That's socialism. Stealing from one, to give another. But people were brainwashed to believe that white is black, and black is white, and no greys in between.
US IS COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST STATE, and if it weren't for Staten autonomies of sort, Stalin would have blushed in shame, and bow down before Democrats and Republicans alike, as his "gurus".
Socialism inevitably leads to communism, if it's based on stealing form one, to give another. The only acceptable form of socialism is, like Libia had shown by Kadafi, and currently Chavez/Maduro more recently in Venezuela - using natural resources they get from their land, as source for payouts. and that's true "crime" of Maduro. He used Venezuelan oil to better Venezuelan lives, on Venezuelan soil, but for communists in Washington and EU, this is the worst offence. How dare he sell oil and pay out his fellow citizens incentives, when Pompeo (?) already said in public, that "We need their oil".
They PAY you asshole market price and shut up. but they'll be please only, when they steal the oil and rob people of money for oil, that belongs to them to start with.


Where, how and when has capitalism EVER meant equal opportunities? It is in fact, the exact opposite. Capitalism is about capital - hence the name. The bottom line rules - therefore those who can make the most, take the most and oppress the most win. Again, the exact opposite of equal opportunities.