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Jakarta - The more aspects of life connected to the internet, the greater the threat of cyber criminals. One of the main target industries is the financial industry.


The financial industry itself has begun to focus on digital services. Currently, almost all banking transactions are done through digital transactions that is 97%.

Therefore, a more robust and fast security system is needed to detect external interference. The integration of automation and machine learning becomes one of the strategies that can be used to protect financial institutions.

With automation, the process of updating the security policy can certainly be done quickly and cheaply.

"I can automate to push policy to all branches in the same time so that in a short time I can update the same policy in the branch with the center," said Edwin Lim, Country Director Fortinet in Jakarta, Wednesday (30 / 5/2018).

The process of updating virus and malware databases manually is now impossible to do. Manual updates are considered too long to handle the rapid development of viruses and malware.

For that matter, Fortinet has a Fortiguard service that is tasked to capture viruses and threats in real time that are shared to its customers.

Speed ​​in handling these threats will also help the company or bank in following the rules of GDPR regarding data leakage.

This new rule requires companies to report data leakage up to 72 hours after being detected.

"If our customers do security, we try to shorten, so if the origin of the problem until caught it long, by doing the security can be shortened," said Edwin. (afr / afr)

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