Comparison of Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Throughout the year 2017, cryptocurrency really ruled the world, because many banks and countries that support the existence of this cryptocurrency. However, there are some experts who are concerned about the risks of cryptocurrency because there is still no regulation governing the cryptocurrency.

FunFair Technologies CEO who is an ethereum platform, Jez San says that by the year 2017, bitcoin is growing rapidly, but it's important to remember that this is just the beginning. Although there are valuations, the main protocols remain less value for users.

With high cost and slow transaction time, bitcoin payments do not match the real value. According to San, you buy a coffee worth US $ 100,000 is a joke, while Lightning Network is still not met. However, when viewed from the bitcoin price increase, the storage of narrative values ​​wins for now.

While there is no shortage of believers to keep trading going, as many developers work to create better bitcoin versions, San bet that ethereum is a more flexible alternative.

San convinced that the door is wide open to blockchains that use smart contracts, such as ethereum, and the market is more potential to the value of storage. Platforms such as ethereum are operating systems for decentralized financing and trade.


Try to imagine bitcoin as DOS and ethereum like Windows or Mac OS. There is nothing wrong with DOS, because DOS is an important part of computer success. Because the computer was raised in DOS, but computers become mainstream when Windows and Mac OS appeared. However, DOS is difficult to use by the community, so Windows and Mac OS support and encourage DOS to be more easily used by the general public.

Ethereum such as Windows and Mac OS, and as a result, developers create applications in the thousands. It was like an internet explosion in 2000. Thousands of new companies grew up with very innovative business models and severe regulatory bleeding, as well as a variety of new methods found to finance their companies.

However, most of the new companies will fail. However, there are opportunities from some of these companies to be like Amazon, e-Bay, or Google which is the next generation of blockchain.

However, with proven stability and immense eternity, do bitcoin developers deserve a reverence for their ever-skyrocketing prices? According to San, they are very focused on change so they prefer to give up all hope to serve the common man. "Currently, bitcoin is a product for some elitists who can afford to pay high transaction costs. Technically, they have chosen to go to a dead end, "continued San.

The Better Way

Last month, DevCon3, an ethereum developer conference, had 2,000 developers paying USD $ 1,000 each to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation. But what about the smart contract support technology?

Of course there are some new investors out there who claim that b etha ethereum has not shown innovation or rapid improvement, nor does it have a developer mindset. However, ethereum has shown dedication to innovation by all means and effectiveness that does not dampen the attention that this will be the main platform for the development of blockchain applications for years to come. By 2018 onwards, ethereum and other technologies will continue to develop the technology at their disposal.

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