Photos: Romantic Holidays Jamie Vardy and Wife

4년 전

London - Jamie Vardy could be a British secret weapon to beat Croatia. The wife, Rebekah is constantly giving support. Naturally, they always look romantic.

This is the affection of Jamie Vardy and his wife, Becky. The couple got married since 2016 (Instagram / @ beckyvardy)

Rebekah and Jamie Vardy started dating in 2014. From then on, Jamie seemed to find his soul mate. They are inseparable (Instagram / @ beckyvardy)

These two lovebirds have been vacationing to the world's exotic destinations. Includes Maldives known as romantic holiday destinations with couples (Instagram / @ beckyvardy)

With Rebekah, Jamie is blessed with a daughter named Sofia (Instagram / @ beckyvardy)

Support from Rebekah so 'gasoline' for Vardy drove bring England to the next round (Instagram / @ beckyvardy)

Let's look forward to Jamie Vardy's action for England on Thursday (11/7) at dawn (Instagram / @ beckyvardy)

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