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Call of Duty Players Linked to $ 3 million Cryptocurrency Theft

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1) Call of Duty Players Linked to $ 3 million Cryptocurrency Theft

A gang of Call of Duty players is suspected of masterminding to plan to steal more than $ 3 million in cryptocurrency.
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1) Exchanges Roundup: SBI to Develop Wallet, Huobi Targets New Markets

In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, SBI Group has unveiled a partnership with Sepior that will see the companies jointly develop a proprietary wallet, Huobi has announced it is an operational base in Dubai to target the African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian cryptocurrency markets, and Trijo, a Swedish crypto exchange, you have received Estonian licensing that allows the company to offer services to residents of all EU nations.
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1) A New Token Is Coming To Ethereum - And It's Fully Bitcoin-Backed

A new token is set to be launched on the ethereum blockchain this January, one that will be backed one-for-one by the world's largest cryptocurrency.
The companies behind the initiative include decentralized exchange startups Kyber Network and Republic Protocol, as well as cryptocurrency custody company BitGo. What's more, a number of ethereum-based projects are also reporting that they will support adoption of the token once released.
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