South Africa holds its breath

3년 전

The air is pregnant with anticipation.

Is this the week? are we finally rid of the millstone that has been dragging the country and its people backwards for the last 9 years?

It seems that the removal of the repulsively corrupt Jacob Zuma is now just a matter of time. The writing on the wall screams that his backers are fleeing and his support is evaporating.

With the judiciary having flexed its muscles in spite of all his shenanigans and his succession plans thwarted at the most recent ANC elective conference, it seems that the vital thread, that unravels all, has been found.

Cyril Ramaposa, it is becoming more clear, has had a well oiled machine operating in the background and the state capture cronies and co. are reeling from the punches that are coming in thick and fast. The rats appear to be abandoning ship in haste and the emperor appears to be standing alone in all his abominable nakedness.

The question now on everyone's lips is how much longer will he seek to postpone the inevitable...

Hopefully he will be following close behind old BOB.

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Quite frustrating for most African countries been enslaved with politicians who have privatized public offices and thus, claim ownership of bulk of public facilities.
I believe his days are numbered in the political realm


We can only hope and pray.

Yesterday I saw on the news the protests in Jo Burg and I too am hoping he will soon resign. Time is up for corrupt leaders in Africa, we are a rich continent but the corruption and poor leadership in most countries is what brings and keeps us down. Good riddance Zuma!

Be careful what you wish for Ramaphosa is very evil and worse than Zuma.

Yes, these corrupt moneybags like the Jacob Zuma should be responsible for the suffering of the people and when so many social problems they live as they want, this must come to an end! Thank you @gavvet

This picture explains the power of #HODL 🤣 image

Have stopped following the local news. It was the same old thing for years and I had much bigger problems of my own than to get upset about something I could do nothing about, but this is just about the best Steem post I've ever seen. I'll have to go brush up on what the hell is actually happening in my own country.

'Good riddance to bad rubbish', i think it is high time Jacob Zuma calls it quit. He is really dragging SA to the mud or is he the proverbial iroko that does not fall alone(?); that he wants SA to go down with him.

Thanks @gavvet for sharing.

It seems to me that the African National Congress itself is riddled with corruption. It's great to get rid of Zuma, but are there any real reformers to take his place? If there are I don't see them. Without real alternatives removing Zuma is as futile as cutting the head off the Hydra.

I learnt so much from this post

the inevitable will never be stopped.. a day will come when the people will rise against the corrupt mafia

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We'll sure love to knw how much longer he'll seek to postpone the inevitable.. Hmmmmm

South Africa is a good country and peoples of this country is also good

In the end corrupt politicians will face justice,
It is inevitable.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Africans should be doing better generally in terms of governance. A blessed continent with cursed leaders.

Nothing lasts forever, lets hope that the next leadership will be better

Very interesting post, I really learn from it

What comes around goes around! Justice will survive, and Finally wins.

I am just seeing on BBC now of how the speech is being delayed.
I guess the time has come for him like Uncle Bob!

i hold my breath too

Have stopped following the local news. It was the same old thing for years and I had much bigger problems of my own than to get upset about something I could do nothing about, but this is just about the best Steem post I've ever seen. I'll have to go brush up on what the hell is actually happening in my own country.

it is a wonderful news.thanks for sharing.valuable information to like all.keep it up.thank you.go ahead

Nations grow hand in hand with their collaborators' work. A flag flies and the sun rises every day for those who build. There is not in my opinion something more frightening than corruption and manipulated systems. Subject that does not let me live in peace even in my country. I vote for the liberators, for the workers and for decentralized systems. My vote is for those who push the corrupt to leave the ship and propose a world of equality left to the market and not to corruption

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Let us get rid of the whites and we will replace them with the blacks who are just as corrupt. But it is okay as they are black. Just stupidity.

Terima kasih post anda bagikan

I really hope this comes to pass eventually, for the sake of so many in SA. Corrupt people tend to have aces up their sleeves that they can fall back on. The power they wield can be scary! May his minions continue to jump ship and abandon him, may all their vices be exposed and may the relief of his removal come sooner rather than later!

he will not be long.
a two-faced man.

Great post very enlightening.

I have not watched any news for the past maybe 6-8 months, since it was all a bunch of nonsense that pretty much upset everyday of my life, I used to have the news channel playing constantly in my office, but stopped as it was way too depressing.

It does however seem as though we may be pulling out fro under the cloud our country has been wallowing in for the past few years, and seems we may have, at the very least, pointed our walking boots in the right direction.

all that is left now is to start walking away from all this negativity that we have been shrouded in.

fingers and toes are all crossed.

Blessing to our beautiful country, may we see the light once more, and grow as we were always meant to.

How sad, these corrupt leaders are such a torture for a nation. I hope the nation get rid of him soon!!!

African politics and their propaganda

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Oh No! Does that mean toll roads will go as well?

Corruption will never end well for bad leaders, every one of them ruining good leadership will get justice. It is highly inevitable

he sounds like your version of Hillary Clinton

The only people who are dragging Africa back in development are they same people who come to us like angels to talk to us about their plans for development.... Yes!! Politicians, African politics is soo corrupt to the extent that they don't know the difference between their own selfish interests and that of the nation. It's soo sad we always get corrupt individuals as leaders in Africa

He is clinging on for dear life.....Fingernail marks on the door frame of parliament

Exactly, no one can escape the hands of justice. The injustice suffered by people in the hands of corrupt politicians is too much. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. I really love the way you used illustrations in your post. Amazing.

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I haven't understand your post

U have a great content bro @gavvet

The politic and politicians so long they on the way to power it seems they understand what the country and people want and what is in their best interest. But as soon as they reach their goal, it seems like the person is completely changed. It is a difficult time the time of change in government staff, hope it would be better then before for people in first instance.

I hope for the best for the people in the country!

Thank goodness this mess is out of office. Isn't this the guy that says you can wash HIV off with a shower! I think I heard him reading and counting large numbers and simply couldn't do it. It was quite sad.

I'd love to get your take on Mendel. In my country in the USA he's held right up there with Martin Luther King JR. But I hear other than black rights he really did nothing for south Africa in terms of actually building up a country, like infrastructure, economics, trade.....I hear he just paved a way for Zuma to run things into the ground and the whites out of the country? I look at you as the authority on this stuff. I by know means am realy even qualified to write what I just wrote. So please correct me if I'm wrong or better yet maybe do a post on this topic.

I just got back from the Galapagos. Have a ton of fun travel post coming out on this place. Will be quite a lighter topic than what we have here ;)

Thanks for your continued support as always. And wishing you the best!

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

@gavvet, I have less than zero faith that his replacement will be any better. As far as I am able to determine, every male African politician over the age of 40 is irretrievably compromised by corruption and connection. How much longer will our countries be looted -- sorry, led -- by venal gerontoracies of scoundrels, thieves and heroes that lived long enough to become villains? When does this end?!

The shoes of integrity and. responsible governance left behind by the late president Nelson Mandela were too large for the likes of Jacob Zuma to step into. Hence the wobbling movements could not be averted.

good post..sir
thanks for sharing with us

It seems like this is the beningging of his end, ops I mean beginning.

It's incredible that we still allow all this corrupt politicians to rule us.... i'm not even from africa, but i know you guys have it worse than me, still, i live in portugal, and corruption in the government is "normal for us", i think every country has this problem, and we still allow them to rule us
I'm so sick of being ruled by a bunch of corrupt politicians: We even got a politician that did a really bad deal with a company while he was in the government when he stopped being a politician he went to that company and became vice-president of it... WTF, how can this even be allowed, how can the police and the army even protect this ppl?

I find the thoughts right!